Song Review: B.I – Keep Me Up

B.I - Keep Me UpAfter spoiling us with two albums last year, 2022 hasn’t been quite as prolific for B.I. He released the hypnotic BTBT back in May, which previewed a new global project that has finally come to fruition in the form of Love Or Loved Part 1. New single Keep Me Up recaptures much of BTBT’s vibe and energy, but I think it’s the superior song.

I use the word “vibe” a lot in my reviews. It’s become such a big aspect of K-pop, and this tracks with other global music markets. I often criticize songs for favoring vibe over musical ambition and virtuosity. But, sometimes a piece of music captures an energy so perfectly that I’m happy to dive in and swim around – even if means doggy paddling aimlessly or simply giving in to the smooth motions of the waves. Keep Me Up is that kind of song. It’s nothing revelatory, nor is it bound for a top spot on any Bias List countdown. But, it’s an incredibly pleasant listen.

The song’s strengths lie in its gorgeous blend of synths and the equally dreamlike effects placed on the vocal ad-libs and melodic refrains. The central melody is a bit amorphous, wafting through the track without landing any strong punches. But, Keep Me Up is not a climactic style of song. It gently beckons you in and doesn’t let go courtesy of its steady, mesmerizing groove. I’ll be interested to see how its charms endure with time. If B.I’s past track record is anything to go by, Keep Me Up has nothing to worry about.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


6 thoughts on “Song Review: B.I – Keep Me Up

  1. BTBT was quite a surprising grower for me really. I admit I usually don’t listen to soloists much with only a few exceptions. But I liked the MV vibes and gave it a go, and though I didn’t think much at first I realized how haunting and earworm-y it was when I began to recognize the snippets in different videos across YT. It honestly surprised me because my music memory is not “that” strong – so if there is something I recognize and find pleasing after just one listen that means it really really made an impact on me! If anything I really appreciate the ambience of his songs! There’s something so complete about it – the way it flows and vibes! ❤


  2. Yeah, there isn’t anything that particularly stands out to me in this song, but I like it immediately on first listen. It’s like a song you hear on Spotify Weekly Discover and halfway through you’re like, “Yeah this is solid.” and you go to like it, but you won’t really remember the song name by the end of the week. Definitely enjoyed this though! Can see myself looping this while driving at night.


  3. Yeah this is great as I expected. B.I and his music is something I vibe with. I just really like how B.I makes his music flow. It’s just really smooth. I’ve had his first album ‘Waterfall’ on repeat for over a year now. His second album ‘Cosmos’ was also incredible. This album was pretty mild. It was good but it didn’t have any standout songs like his past albums did. I put this song above ‘Cosmos’ but below ‘BTBT’ and ‘illa illa’

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  4. I think this has a more lush and interesting instrumental than BTBT? But I guess only time will tell if it has the same staying power. I love how these two songs have the same atmospheric vibes but are actually quite different if you listen to them one after the other. My YT shorts algorithm is also like 50% BTBT or B.I, so whatever he’s doing, it’s working!

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