Song Review: NMIXX – Funky Glitter Christmas

NMIXX - Funky Glitter ChristmasI’ve always thought the best window to release Christmas songs is late-November to early-December. That way, you’ve got a few weeks to run them into the ground before moving into the new year. With this in mind, NMIXX’s Funky Glitter Christmas arrives at just the right time for me. The only question is: how weird will it be? Their “mix-pop” genre has led to some jarring song experiments, but medley-esque arrangements are practically par for the course when it comes to Christmas songs. This could be the perfect venue for NMIXX!

Funny enough, the track is pretty much your standard carol, blitzing through all the holiday tropes you’d expect. It’s upbeat and fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. And, when it does veer into diverse sonic territory, the transitions are usually riffs on classic melodies. In this way, Funky Glitter Christmas feels like a song you’ve heard a million times before — and if that doesn’t perfectly describe the modus operandi of a Christmas song, I don’t know what would!

In the end, Funky Glitter Christmas‘s greatest asset is the fact that it lets the group actually sing. They’re well-known as a vocally-talented act, but their singles thus far haven’t showcased that. I happen to have (an outdated) list of my favorite K-pop Christmas songs, and this is not likely to find a place among them. Believe it or not, it’s a little too cheery and energetic for this cold heart. It’s like an overflowing stocking, stuffed with so many cute, playful baubles that your stomach sours just looking at it. But, the holidays are a time when silliness like this still manages to find its way onto my playlist. I’m glad it exists.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

Grade: C


12 thoughts on “Song Review: NMIXX – Funky Glitter Christmas

  1. NMIXX’s Cool (Your Rainbow) recently got its own MV (I can’t remember if it was reviewed here), they actually *sing*, and it’s easily my favorite thing by them.

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  2. For a Christmas-time Chrismassy fan service song, I think it is great. Spot on. For me, too chirpy, but that is just me overloaded with too. many. christmas. songs. The local xmas radio started playing October, dammit.

    My favorite Kpop Christmas song is TVXQ’s rendition of “Magic Castle”.
    White sateen suits. Is that a feather boa on Mickey Yoochun? The heavy melodyne “Jesu Joy ..” I love it all.

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  3. I’m Jewish so find it hard to enjoy Christmas songs lol, but I liked this a lot! It’s exactly what I thought an NMIXX Christmas song would sound like, and they’ve really impressed me this as talented live performers. Going with The Carol by Loona and Merry & Happy by Twice for basically the only k-pop Christmas songs I like


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