Song Review: Niel (Teen Top) – A To Z

Niel - A To ZAfter leaving TOP Media (but not Teen Top), Niel has returned with a new album after a solo hiatus that lasted nearly six years. For younger listeners unfamiliar with Teen Top, I urge you to check out classics like Rocking, I Wanna Love, ah-ah, No More Perfume On You, Love Is and To You. You’ll thank me later. This group was responsible for some truly great (mostly Brave Sound produced) hits. Their presence in K-pop is missed.

As part of this new solo release, Niel has filmed music videos for two tracks. I’m going to focus on my preferred song, since I find In Your Space to be a non-starter. For those familiar with the smooth, funky sounds of Niel’s previous title tracks, A To Z may come as a surprise. It’s more hip-hop oriented than I expected, though his idiosyncratic vocals are present right from the start. I’m not sure I was waiting for Niel the Rapper, but he pulls off the genre switch.

A To Z has a fun chorus. What it lacks in melody it makes up in rhythm, heightening the pace for an engaging centerpiece that circles around itself with plenty of movement. My ear gets caught on the English lyrics, with “easy like A to Z” feeling a little odd. I mean, “ABC” is surely easier than the full alphabet, right? Still, lyrical clarity isn’t the most important aspect in a goofy dance track, and A To Z has a refreshingly old-school approach that gets it over the line. Niel is a showman, and it’s nice to have his perspective back in K-pop.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


2 thoughts on “Song Review: Niel (Teen Top) – A To Z

  1. oh wow. I did not see this coming. I haven’t seen or heard him in so so long.

    The song’s not bad. I don’t think I’ll listen to it again though.


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