Song Review: Mill (OnlyOneOf) – Beat

Mill - BeatIt’s the end of November, which means it’s time for the fifth entry in OnlyOneOf’s ambitious Underground Idol series. This series has been a highlight of 2022, delivering a diverse tapestry of genre and mood while adhering to its interconnected storyline. Cynical viewers might see the group’s past two years as one long audition to star in a BL drama. And with 2023’s upcoming Bump Up Business web series, I guess the audition proved successful. But, their work in this genre stands as a welcome oasis of emotional depth in an industry filled with “look at me, I’m so bad” hype tracks.

Following Rie’s brilliant Because, Mill takes us in a more energetic direction. As its title suggests, Beat is much more indebted to hip-hop. It takes the abrasive textures of past title tracks libidO and Skinz and fuses them to an upbeat banger. In a way, you could call this the OnlyOneOf version of a hype track, though nothing is ever that simple with this group. Mill gives an aggressive performance, his vocal texture more jarring and in-your-face than other members. This makes Beat a bit disarming on first listen, especially given how much of the track is shouted.

Fortunately, Beat is underlined by a great groove. The percussion is robust, incorporating familiar OnlyOneOf elements but offering a funkier take on their “artpop” genre. There isn’t much melody to be found, which is a shame. Mill’s singing voice has a lot of character, and it would’ve been nice to hear more of that. But, Beat is clearly cut from a different cloth than past Underground Idol offerings. Taken as a piece of the overall collection, it’s a welcome shift in intensity that sets the scene for Nine to finish the series next month.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Mill (OnlyOneOf) – Beat

  1. I Like this! with a Big Ell.
    Maybe even love it, with a small ell.
    Something about Shouty McShouterson is actually working for me here. Maybe I am just missing my Do Han Se fix. In any case, I will take it!

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  2. Too much shouting to my taste. Still, I hope it’s gonna grow on me as the time goes by. At least, I found the track’s vibe to be more engaging, rather than annoying (as most songs like this fall into the latter for me).
    Givin’ it a flat 8, as of now.

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  3. This style is the least to my taste out of the Underground Idol singles, but it suits Mill and I like the libidO-sounding instrumental. Hoping to wrap up the series with a nice, slow ballad!

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  4. The sound for this isn’t the most catered to my taste, but I could tell that from the first initial mv teaser, so there’s no surprise or disappointment really on my end. Still find it a lot of fun. That bridge absolutely made me ascend though, OnlyOneOf’s production quality will never be anything less than top tier.

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  5. Oooh this is a great contrast to the previous releases. I really like this, however it does sound really repetitive. Don’t know how that chorus will be in the long run.

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  6. This song is very in-your-ear. There’s so much clattering, banging, shouting, and intensity in this track, that sometimes I want to step back a little bit from listening to it. But later on, I found myself wanting to hear the song again. There’s something that either Mill or the producers put in this that makes it a pretty satisfying earful.

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