Song Review: Aimers – Fireworks

Aimers - Fireworks
Aimers debuted late last year with Fight Inside – a song that seemed to win them many fans. I came around to some of its charms (especially the SHINee-esque ones) through multiple listens, but the group hasn’t yet convinced me of their unique place in K-pop. Their all-important first comeback is still ahead of us, but until then they’ve released “special single” Fireworks.

Rookies should take advantage of slow months to get their names and faces in front of fans eager for any new music. While Fireworks may get buried under the weight of bigger-name acts releasing on the same day, it should at least enjoy plenty of space on music shows during this dry January. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t stick out in the way I wish it would. It’s a serviceable mid-tempo with an EDM edge, but everything about it feels generic. The melodies are largely forgettable and the constant build and drop of the instrumental is muddier than it could be. The song reaches for anthemic, but often feels dirge-like.

I think this all comes down to the production. There’s a decent song buried inside Fireworks, and with some polish it could really shine. Yet, the instrumental is so leaden that all of its elements blend together in one muddy gray color. This includes the vocals, which are given a mushy arrangement that doesn’t do the individual voices any favors. If we rate Fireworks against the terminally-bland K-pop sub-genre of “fan song,” it’s pleasant enough. However, I hope Aimers can find their own color on their next single.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C-


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Aimers – Fireworks

  1. completely unrelated to the post and i apologize if that’s rude, but have you listened to genin wa jibun ni aru before? i really liked their latest album.


    • I really want to love this group but I’m not sure if their music resonates with me. I listened to the new album digest and a couple of the b-sides sounded promising, so I might give it a spin. I find their singles to be a little too musically overstuffed, but I realize this is their strength/concept. It’s just a personal preference thing.


    • Wow, I’m glad I saw this and was curious enough to look into them. Nick calling their songs “overstuffed” meant I had to find out more lol. I love a song bursting at the seams.

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  2. I don’t know. After listening to TXT’s dreadful new one, this song sounds like a winter oasis to my ears. Those high strings set against the (pre)chorus – something NewJeans (HypeBoy), Fifty Fifty (Higher), and TripleS brought back last year, just really does it for me. Sometimes I get carried away and wish I can walk back my initial enthusiasm, but right now, this is my favorite song of the last decade. Okay, well, of January ’23 anyway LOL

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  3. As the resident contrarian here, I think the production rescued an otherwise bland fan service song. It added the athemic accents. But when one starts with vanilla ice cream there is only so much hot fudge and whipped cream that can be poured on top and still be called ice cream.

    As per usual, the dirge-like pace can be rescued by clicking 1.25x in youtube settings. Hah, 1.25x, a big jump!

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  4. I didn’t expect a song titled “Fireworks” to sound like hot cocoa and blankets. It’s sweet and comforting as a Hallmark movie.


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