Song Review: 8TURN – Tic Tac

8TURN - Tic Tac8TURN are one of two K-pop debuts today. After a relatively sparse 2022, I expect 2023 to be a busy year for boy group debuts. These guys hail from MNH Entertainment, an agency that hasn’t had a great track record. Successful soloist Chungha just announced her departure from MNH while their girl group Bvndit disbanded last year. We’ll see if the agency can somehow be more successful with a boy group. 8TURN arrives with some pre-debut buzz thanks to members’ participation in survival series I-LAND, BOYS24 and MIXNINE. But if Tic Tac is any indication, MNH has no idea where to go with their music.

When in doubt, K-pop’s default decision seems to be opting for an NCT-lite sound. Dozens of boy groups have gone here before and I suspect dozens more will follow. Tic Tac lacks any ideas of its own, which feels a bit insulting as a consumer. Why do agencies expect us to fall in line behind a new group when they’re not offering anything we can’t get everywhere else?

On the “NCT rip-off” scale of obnoxiousness, Tic Tac falls somewhere in the middle. Its beat is mildly amusing and it earns extra points for not incorporating some irritating whistle sample. Its core chant/chorus feels vaguely melodic and the vocal blend is pleasant. But, the incessant shouting and general lack of melodic invention renders most of these strengths moot. As usual, it’s clear the guys of 8TURN are talented and charismatic. But, I’m eager to see their individual charms – not predetermined ones that have been copied and pasted on top of them.

(For what it’s worth, the music video is far more fun than the song)

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C


10 thoughts on “Song Review: 8TURN – Tic Tac

  1. The song wasn’t terrible but it’s sad how I like the video, choreography, styling, and their charisma more than the song. I don’t understand what’s going on with the companies of these boy groups…it just seems so lazy. When are boy groups going to start looking at Shinee, EXO, and ONF for inspiration.


  2. “the “NCT rip-off” scale of obnoxiousness” needs to be a thing. There needs to be a tier-list ranking ranging from “irritating whistle samples” to “Where is Mark’s rap?”

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  3. this is fine. My fav of these NCT -type songs is T01’s ‘No More X.’ Seeing them perform it live, I really felt it went hard and I loved the “dum dum dum dums.”
    ‘Tic Tac’ also gives me the same feeling. I would enjoy it more live, but def not what I want to put in my headphones. Also, this song feels even closer to the NCT sound.

    Also, Nick, have you heard Ava Max’s new full-length “Diamonds & Dancefloors?” I feel like I haven’t heard such a wonderfully straightforward American pop record in a moment (although it is very Europop-inspired sonically)


  4. I watched that video after taking an edible which was a fantastic decision. I don’t get how they can have such a great vision for their videos but not their music. I’ll still keep my eye on them in case they ever get a producer that’s artistic as their director.


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