Song Review: BXB – Fly Away

BXB - Fly AwayThe name BXB stands for “Boy By Brush,” which is nonsensical in a way I can only admire. They were brought together as a project group last year by APR Project, but Fly Away (도약 (跳躍)) acts as their proper debut. Of most interest to readers of this blog is that fact that some members were previously part of short-lived (but super great) TS Entertainment group TRCNG. Armed with a new line-up, the guys join a crowded slate of like-minded teams.

Fly Away shows hints of promise, but it’s ultimately tempered by its dull choice of recycled instrumental samples. Honestly, the best part of the entire track is its first eleven seconds. This dramatic intro was used for all of the song’s teasers, and its cinematic sound promises a larger-than-life, emotional epic that never quite materializes. Fly Away’s chorus comes close to fulfilling this potential, but it feels as if the melody is missing a second piece. Instead, we have a blazing guitar solo late in the track. Unfortunately, Fly Away fizzles out at under three minutes, which leaves little room for the song to build upon its strengths. I get the sense that BXB want to go bigger and bolder. Fly Away’s ambition feels restrained.

Even so, the group scores goodwill for attempting to bolster their debut with some unique touches. Fly Away’s dull verses sacrifice too much of this energy and comprise way too much of an already-fleeting track. But if the guys are able to take more risks in the future they could easily become dark horses in what’s bound to be a hyper-competitive 2023 for rookie groups.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


4 thoughts on “Song Review: BXB – Fly Away

  1. This song had the potential to be Icarus-level good, but messed it up – I didn’t even mind the verses being slow, but the chorus could have used a punchier melody. Still my favorite song today though


  2. Add another one to the list of Songs That Sounds Better at 1.15x Speed.

    Seriously, try it.
    Of course that means the run time becomes 2:23 which reveals that, in essence, the song would have been better served as an EP Intro track setting the mood for a more solid main track.

    I wish these boys the best of luck. To re-debut in another group is never fun and takes a lot of tenacity.

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  3. In my opinion, the less is more approach worked for this song. Despite only running at 2:47, I felt much more satisfied by this song than many other K-pop songs recently. It has some good meat in its bones, and with a bit more exciting verses, it could have gone all the way up. It is a 8.5/8.75 for me as of the moment.


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