Song Review: CLASS:y – Target

CLASSy - TargetSince debut, CLASS:y have set their sights on both Korea and Japan, signed under Universal Music for the latter. They remain on the periphery of both markets, though their music is slowly improving. Like so many of their peers, their sound is a hodgepodge of various global elements. They cast their net wide rather than specifically target one sub-genre or cultural touchstone.

Because of this, new single Target feels like a few songs thrown into a blender. Nothing about it is awful or jarring or inadequate, but I wish it would have taken one route and fully committed to it. Instead, Target feels like an exercise in corporate brainstorming rather than a piece of music with its own point of view. It’s not fair to lay the blame on CLASS:y or their team since this is an industry-wide problem. But, it makes it hard to be fully enthused by this comeback.

Target is at its best when it leans into its grand, cinematic arrangement – canned strings and all. I like the idea of Bond-Theme-meets-Hip-Hop-Banger, but I wish the song fully embraced the madness. If you’re giving us strings, crank up the drama to 150%. And for goodness sake, don’t devolve into a bog-standard second verse breakdown (complete with a lame “eeny meeny miny moe“). If all of Target sounded as gloriously alive as the instrumental dance break during its bridge, we might have a unique showstopper on our hands. Instead, the track’s quirks elevate an otherwise generic structure and execution.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


13 thoughts on “Song Review: CLASS:y – Target

  1. The chorus is good, perhaps great.

    But who thought all the noises surrounding the rest of it sound “musical”.
    Dear producer, Step away from the synthesizer with all the fancy buttons and go listen to symphonic music again. A couple hundred years of brass orchestrations have polished up what brass should sound like at its best.

    BBtB dammit!

    Also, Super Junior did the tootly-toot brass spy theme way better back when.

    (SPY is famous among we Elves because SuJu never performed after its initial promotion, and would get routinely punked about it on all the variety shows, every Doni and Coni ever. Until SS9 last year, when they punked us all back. Also the initial video was censored, so they refilmed it as a mostly dance video in a hurry. Siwon was busy during the refilm, so they had to rework the dance in a hurry too, and Siwon only appears using solo closeups from the prior filming.)

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    • I really like SPY though I can see why they would be clowned for it. It’s also it does have some interesting English in there lol


    • Oh my goodness I have never seen this before but it’s genius. Super James Bond?? Their music is just so catchy and instantly recognizable.

      Wait, THIS IS WHERE ‘Go kick it in the butt!!’ CAME FROM??

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  2. Looking at and listening to Class:y and their varied works makes me think of NMixx – since while not identical the idea of hodge podge is of a similar group concept – and makes me wonder if they could really soar if given that kind of backing and studio support because they’re approaching it/this concept in a way I wish Nmixx did.

    Can I say I outright love any of their titles? Hmmm…not exactly but I enjoy them quite a bit and they keep making interesting choices in video concept too. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for them because I have a feeling they could really click somehow and rise up properly.


    • Listening to this a few more times, I’ve put it on my JPop library list. It’s still not as appealing as some of their other tracks, but I now enjoy it.


  3. This was okay, I like the premise but it doesn’t all come together. Not a very interesting comment but classy is a group who’s music I can’t remember for very long, I can see target changing that.


  4. 2022 had a lot of misses but it also had a good amount of tracks that stayed in my rotation. I think I’m more excited for the next global roundup than any kpop releases


  5. I haven’t followed Class:y closely, but I like this one more on first listen more than the others. The outfits remind me of Girls Generation’s Hoot, and I can’t help but think how that group would have elevated this material. I was waiting for a Taeyeon-esque high note on the “Get You” chorus lyrics the whole time and never got it. And what another rapper could have done with that 2nd verse rap.

    But the girls are so young and feel a tad inexperienced right now. I think they’ll keep growing like how Fromis_9 did.


  6. I like this. It’s entertaining and kind of crazy around the eyes. I thought Tick Tick Boom was great, and I really liked a couple of b-sides (Tell Me One More Time, Feelin So Good) from Class is Over. No complaints here.


  7. I think I’ve been on this blog long enough that the moment I heard this, my first reaction was
    1. Intro reminds me of Itzy – Voltage
    and immediately after
    2. Nick would be all over this


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