Song Review: The Rampage – No Gravity

The Rampage - No GravityThe Rampage have been on a winning streak lately, releasing a new single almost every other month. Now, it’s time to gather all those singles into a new album scheduled for release next week. No Gravity acts as its lead track and pulls the group back to the propulsive EDM sounds explored early in their career.

Exile Tribe acts deliver this sound so well, and No Gravity benefits from familiarity. I’ve had it on my playlist for a week now and my opinion has only grown over time. Initially, I was disappointed by how often the tempo pulled back when all I really wanted was four minutes of upbeat EDM euphoria. The song delivers this sensation in dollops, and multiple listens have revealed this to be a charm rather than a drawback. The approach makes No Gravity‘s effusive climax all the more satisfying when it finally arrives.

After a dramatic introduction, No Gravity swerves into ballad territory for a few moments. But even during this verse, it’s clear we’re building toward something bigger. Patience pays off in the form of a killer chorus, which melds a propulsive hook with a gorgeous vocal response that brings a layered texture to the arrangement. The second verse retains an upbeat tempo and we’re pretty much soaring from this point on. But, No Gravity saves its real sucker punch for its final minute, where everything comes together to forge a driving outro that blends elements of the song’s instrumental breakdown with the unflagging energy of its chorus.

Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

Grade: A-


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