Song Review: XG – Left Right

XG - Left & RightUpon reviewing XG’s Shooting Star, multiple readers commented on the merits of its coupling track Left Right. Not being a huge fan of the group’s music thus far, I didn’t check out the b-side. But, now that Left Right has its own music video it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. I heard rumblings that this song hearkens back to elements of early-00’s pop music and that’s totally my jam.

Before writing about the music itself, I have to mention that the opening of the video is totally Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life level CGI I love that for them. But beyond the cool visuals, I’m still looking for the XG song that officially converts me into a fan. Shooting Star is proving to be a grower and this may as well, but overall the energy feels too flat to truly pull me in. I can hear the early-mid 2000’s R&B influence, but the melodic hooks aren’t as catchy as the best music from that era. And, the production feels  more generic than… say… a Timbaland or She’kspere beat might. In short, I appreciate the approach but I’m craving a more engaging product.

On the plus side, Left Right feels like the ideal track to stream on repeat for hours upon hours as you go about the business of your day. It’s unobtrusive and pleasant, casting a laidback energy that will get your head nodding without being too much of a distraction. And since that’s such a large facet of pop music’s purpose in this day and age, I can definitely see the appeal.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


6 thoughts on “Song Review: XG – Left Right

  1. Nice one. I can see the song growing on me as the time goes by, as this 00’s R&B vibe suits me perfectly. However, the main problem of the track, to my mind, is its production. This skeletal trap percussion keeps me away from loving it, and makes the song sound…a little boring. I greatly appreciate what the girls were trying to do, though.


  2. I’ve liked this since it was released and I’m excited to see them actually promote it. I know this blog isn’t about reviewing videos but I love the styling, I feel like it gives a mix of TLC/Blaque,3LW, and Aaliyah. The song is nice and chill and watching them perform it definitely sells the song more for me.

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  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one who keeps returning to Shooting Star. Whenever the song begins, I’m like, “Why is this song on my playlist?” But just before I remove it, the chorus kicks in and then I remember why it’s there.

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  4. LEFT RIGHT created a buzz shows that chill, pleasant R&B still have a place among listeners.
    I think it’s a smart move for XG to follow the more experimental SHOOTING STAR with a catchy and addictive track. Acceptance from public is important since they are coming from outside of KPop scene.


  5. would’ve absolutely loved this if they switched out the tinny trap percussion with more 90s-00s percussion .. like give me timbaland give me pharell give me rodney jerkins


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