Song Review: 7ORDER – Who I Am

7ORDER - Who I AmPost-Johnny’s success can be elusive for idols who leave the agency, whether they were part of an established group or never debuted at all. One OK Rock’s Taka is the biggest counterexample, but more often than not these performers struggle against an entertainment industry largely beholden to Johnnys’ legacy.

7ORDER first emerged as Johnny’s Jr. group Love-tune before all members cut ties with the agency and re-formed as 7ORDER. Their 2021 debut album is worth checking out, and they’ve continued churning out solid rock music since. But, Who I Am feels like a real evolution. It’s my favorite single yet from the band, bringing a newfound maturity and streamlined instrumental that leverages the simplest of hooks in smart ways.

Fans of DAY6’s more 80’s-tinged tracks will find plenty to love here. Who I Am takes influence from the driving momentum of synthwave – particularly during its verses. But, this is tethered to a wonderful stadium rock chorus that delivers satisfying power chords and harmonized vocals to forge an emotive rallying cry. It’s brief but potent, and this keeps the track moving at a brisk pace. If anything, I would love to hear an expanded version of the track. With another minute or so, Who I Am may have blossomed into something quite spectacular. Instead, 7ORDER pull back. With any luck, their upcoming third album will fulfill the bountiful potential on display here.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


5 thoughts on “Song Review: 7ORDER – Who I Am

  1. It’s alright. I appreciate them trying something a bit different from the pop or shouty boygroup sound. But other than that, I don’t see myself coming back to it. If I want something dark, grungy, and a bit new wave-y, then I guess there’s New Order for that.


    • Unrelated topic, but have you listened to “Especia?” They’re not on the mainstream side of jpop, but more on the weird/wacky side, but they’ve been doing the retro thing even before it hit mainstream, and I think the songs are amazing. Lots of their stuff are jazz/soul/fusion, but their in-your-face releases are really enjoyable.


  2. After discovering a gem of a song ‘Unbelievable’ by Lucy, I decided to check out the other songs on the front page of the website. BOY was I lucky.

    This song is incredible but I wish it was longer :(((
    Why did it have to end so suddenly?????
    The sudden ending stopped it from being over a 9/10 for me. It leaves me unsatisfied because the song is just that good.

    “With any luck, their upcoming third album will fulfill the bountiful potential on display here.”

    I really hope so too…


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