Song Review: Lucy – Unbelievable

Lucy - UnbelievableFrom their 2020 debut through the summer of 2021, Lucy were pretty much unstoppable. Their music dominated my playlist and stood apart from all of their peers. Since then, I’ve struggled to connect with their comebacks in the same way. All the same ingredients remain, but the melodies and arrangements don’t feel as memorable or exciting. I may be the only one who feels this way, but it’s certainly a frustrating development!

Making matters worse, each previewed b-side on their recently released album sampler sounded more interesting and varied than title track Unbelievable (아니 근데 진짜). There’s something to be said about sticking with your core sound and giving your audience what they want, but there’s not much about this song that differentiates it from past efforts. Its sprightly pace is appreciated, and Lucy perform the heck out of it as usual. Violin is used more sparingly than I’d like. It’s omnipresent throughout the track, but doesn’t play a prominent role until the instrumental bridge. Even here, it’s hard to forget just how thrillingly this same trick was used in 2020’s Snooze.

Unbelievable is solid all the way through, but I’m craving a more engaging hook. Its chorus is quite repetitive and borders on one-note. This compliments the song’s brisk sense of movement at the expense of musical variety. Lucy’s innate energy pulls it across the line, coupled with their tight playing and amiable good nature. But, I’m still hoping they can tether those assets to the kind of stop-you-in-your-tracks songwriting that made me first fall so hard for their music.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Lucy – Unbelievable

  1. The song doesn’t really know what it wants to be when it grows up. First fast quick vocal line. Then legato long notes. Back to fast. Back to slow. It creates a texture and a tension, yes, but it is more a stuck in start-and-stop traffic tension than a purposeful artsy tension. How does the body move to this song as it doesn’t lend to any obvious sway.

    Also, six string bass? Why? Just to look fancy?

    This is where I will pull out some old school examples of contrasting fast with slow to create a cohesive song. There is doubtless a Janet Ms Jackson song or three, and brother Michael as well (“Don’t stop till you get enough” comes to mind).

    First, one of Nick’s old favorites from Savage Garden, “I Want You”.

    But a better example is REM “It’s the of the world as we know it” which pulls and pushes on the speed of the fast and slow like its taffy. There is a lot more going on here than simple sixteenth notes. Add in simple close harmonies in sync and in the chorus line starts mis-synced, which flavors the tension.

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  2. So back in 2020, this style of music never really connected with me.

    Things are different now – thanks to J-rock group Bump of Chicken, mostly.
    I may go back and rediscover Lucy’ s entire discography, but for now I agree with the review: it is pleasant but I miss a melody that sticks.


  3. Unfortunately, this is Lucy’s second title track in a row which did little to nothing for me. I want to love it, but I’m craving for a stronger, less repetitive melody with more meat on its bones. Also, the song’s production seems kinda poor to me for some reason. Talking of how I’d rate it, 7.5 at best (7,7,8,8).

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  4. lucy has quickly evolved to become my favourite k-band! they really have a distinct sound and their discography is easy to listen to all at one go because its just so cohesive and pleasant to the ears

    tbh this album is not their best work (panorama mini album holds that title) but sangyeop’s vocals elevate every single song he touches. unfortunately i was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of catchy hooks on the album. i like how they embraced a more electronic rock sound though! love the 8-bit arcade vibes from the first two songs


  5. This song reminds me of their earlier song Hero – it’s not as thrillingly upbeat throughout as some of their other work, but I’m one of those people who enjoy consistency and this really nails what I’ve come to associate with them for me. I like their reliability with this sound so I’m a happy fan for now! I do like some of the other songs more this time around as well, but I’m enjoying this title track a whole lot too.


  6. Yeah I generally agree. I still like the song but it doesn’t reach the heights of ones like Snooze, I Got U or Jogging. Fortunately I like the other 3 songs more than the title.


  7. You aren’t the only one who has had trouble connecting with their recent comebacks- personally, I haven’t LOVED any of their title tracks since I Got U, which is a shame bc I’m pretty obsessed with every single thing they released up til then. This song is fine and I’d listen to Sangyeop sing the alphabet for hours on end just to hear his voice, so that will automatically bump up my rating by like, at least a letter grade.

    But why oh why did they not pick Never in Vain or Fill It Up as the title??? They both SLAPPP!! Hope there will be a buried treasure for this album.

    Btw Nick- any plans to restart the Sunday open discussions? I was mostly just a lurker on those but really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

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  8. Ah Lucy. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I just like them. But Sangyeop’s voice will keep me interested. In a musical universe where everyone sounds the same, his voice is a miracle.


  9. This site keeps eating my comments 😦

    Gist of what I originally said: I totally dig this song, I get why other people don’t, it is indicative of a trend of Lucy picking the most “basic” song on the album to be the promoter track.

    Point #2: I’m disappointed by the direction they took with Fill it Up — I heard it live back in November and I wish they had kept it as more of a straight rock song instead of using the filters and tenseness(?) they ultimately went with, but it is still a good song. I’m attaching a video of what I initially heard in case someone wants to listen and share their thoughts on the two!


  10. As of writing this, I am high on K-band music (The Rose, 9001)

    I don’t know who these guys are but this song is SO GOOD. I’m glad I accidentally clicked on this review.

    These days, I’m falling in love with the violin thanks to this Youtuber called Joel Sunny and the violin in this song was just the cherry on top for me to give this a 9/10 rating. The violin adds so so much to this song and is my favourite part of this song.
    Damn, bands should include violinists more.

    Also, I don’t like this music video. For how good the song is, I wish the MV was more serious. I can imagine a MV where they’re playing in a concert hall or a school gym where the camera flies around them, zooms in and out with cool lighting. Kind of like a mix of the last part of SVT’s ‘Rock with You’ MV and ONEWE’s ‘AuRoRa’ MV.


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