Song Review: Fifty Fifty – Cupid

Fifty Fifty - CupidFifty Fifty’s debut album was a pleasant surprise, offering a variety of styles with consistent songwriting and execution. Title track Higher wasn’t the most instantly engaging choice for promotion, but it endured nicely over time. Its languid energy frames new single Cupid, though the girls have subdued their sound even further this time around. Their burgeoning discography is developing a nice vibe, but I fear it may veer too closely toward coffeeshop/lounge music for my taste.

Cupid fits neatly within two recent K-pop trends. It’s got a bit of city pop sheen, though definitely on the lower-energy side of the genre. And, it harnesses a vibey, minimalist style that compliments many of the buzziest girl group tracks of the moment. Cupid is definitely “cool,” whatever that means. But, is it any fun to listen to?

The answer is yes – in places. The chorus has a lovely sense of lift that would have flourished if supported by more daring production. The group’s vocal harmony is a real treat and they pull off this stylish sound very well. I can imagine Cupid as perfect background music for a variety of activities. But, I’m not sure it will enjoy the same longevity as Higher. The song plays too much like a flat line to truly grip my attention. It’s relentlessly pleasant and melodically satisfying in places. I just wish I could point to one ore more standout moments that have me racing to press replay. With so many of these vibe-focused songs on the charts right now, I fear Cupid threatens to blend in with the competition.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


27 thoughts on “Song Review: Fifty Fifty – Cupid

  1. I thought it was decidedly, pleasantly un-cool, which is one of the charms of the band for me. They’re almost like a contemporary iteration of the Carpenters, in a strange way. (I wouldn’t mind them tackling a Bacharach cover or two, who passed away earlier this month.) Having said that, – and even though I do enjoy the song – I am a tad disappointed, mainly on the production end. It’s sparser, not as full-bodied or lush as the earlier EP. Those earlier songs have sonic details that keep me coming back. But still, I do like it.


  2. I’ve been on board the Fifty Fifty hype train since “Lovin’ Me.” They gave both my favorite debut and mini-album of last year. I’d dare call myself a full on stan at this point (or at the very least a “Hunnie,” which is their official fandom name as of this morning :P)

    All that to say, I had a lot of expectations for this comeback and personally—they met them! Admittedly, I do think I have more of an affinity for the dreamy, coffee-shop / city pop vibe then others do, which is why their discography has clicked so well with me so far. Such a pleasant and charming listen, and the chorus has been stuck in my head for the past hour. If it’s not your style though, I get why you wouldn’t vibe with it. Personally however, I had a good time!

    If only it was on streaming platforms; don’t know why their company has to make every release schedule so confusing lol

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      • Oh trust me I’ve been following this comeback very closely and I don’t think anyone in the fandom knew what was going on haha.

        The comeback schedule stated that the official release date is Feb 24 at 6pm KST, but the MV would be a pre-release and would drop on Feb 23. What time on Feb 23? Who knows! They never specified.

        You would THINK the MV would have dropped some time before their M Countdown performance (6pm KST) but NOPE. M Countdown was the first time anyone heard the song in full. Heaven help the poor Fifty Fifty fans in the audience that were hoping to fan chant alongside them lol T-T

        (They finally dropped the MV at 10pm KST. Better late than never I guess?)


  3. Definitely not a bad one. The chorus sounds quite promising, but I can agree with Nick’s point regarding the production. It’s too empty, too mediocre to make me truly dive into the song. Rating is about right.


  4. We’ve gotta talk about these English rhymes. First we had Key with killer/thriller. And now Fifty Fifty with Cupid/stupid. Have some imagination, people!!! But I guess we don’t listen to kpop for the English rhymes. 😄

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  5. It’s a really pleasant song, I guess I expected better line distribution considering how Higher/The Fifty was very much vocal heavy. Sad to say it didn’t get better this time around, which is so unfortunate because they can all sing well. Hopefully future songs will be better, they’re still rookies! I like the chorus of Cupid a lot, but is it just me or do the vocals feel very… filtered and smoothed out? Like not as crispy and clear, way too overpolished (not in a pleasant-listening way). Looking forward to the live stages though.


    • Personally I find uneven line distribution as part of a group’s dynamic. I think it’s no fun if you go out of your way to give everyone equal parts. If they only got 1-8 syllables then it’s a different story. I hope they never


  6. I usually don’t care for line distribution, but this group annoys me in that aspect considering that all of them can sing well and really, how hard is it to distribute between 4 members? The agency seems to value fan input a lot, so I’m honestly surprised there was 0 improvement in this aspect after a bunch of people complained during their debut

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  7. I found it engaging on first listen,I think I can enjoy it for a long time but probably won’t replay it over and over. As far as the vibe: It’s more like I’m shopping in the mall with my older sister and we stop at the coffee kiosk rather than sit in the actual coffeeshop

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  8. This is a special case in which I really appreciate there being so much English. It’s just enough that you get what the song’s about. To me, there were no cringe moments

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  9. An English version dropped today. Surprisingly good (thankfully they removed the rap; it just wouldn’t work in English), except they ruined it by getting rid of the key change at the end.


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