Song Review: HAWW – How Are You

HAWW - How R UNewly debuted group HAWW’s name stands for “Heal All The World Wide,” and I love them for that. Earnestness is a severely underrated charm, and I’m 100% ready for an idol group to usher in world peace, reverse climate change and ensure economic equality via a cute little pop bop. Of course, I’m being sarcastic here (but not about the earnestness). I mostly just love the acronym “HAWW.” It’s real knee slappy/arm-farty, if you know what I mean.

Mercifully, debut track How Are You doesn’t follow that line of thinking. In fact, it’s rather understated. HAWW have gone the SHINee route and debuted with a smooth mid-tempo. While this sets them apart from others, it doesn’t result in a super memorable first step for the group. How Are You spotlights vocals in a pleasant way, especially when the track injects moments of harmony. The backing vocals are very nice and there’s an old-fashioned r&b flair to the performance that works well. I also like the funky breakdown during the bridge, which should have forged the beat for the entire track. When executed well, this style is quite refreshing and timeless.

But, I’m afraid I have to pull out my soap box yet again. Yes, I’ll be that crazy person standing on the corner of the street ranting and raving about melody. How Are You’s biggest shortcoming is right there in its songwriting. The chorus almost delivers a memorable hook as the melody glides toward a satisfying croon. But, the vast majority of the song is stylistic rather than satisfying. There’s not a lot to sing along with and very little to stick in your memory after How Are You has finished. I guess we’ll chalk this up to the track being a self-composed debut. There’s a ton of potential here and I like the direction HAWW are going. I look forward to hearing stronger material in the future.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


11 thoughts on “Song Review: HAWW – How Are You

    • Hem and haw, Hee haw, Yawn, Haulin’… It’s a regrettable name, at least in English. Unless that’s what they were going for, a kind of rural, middle-of-nowhere cowboy boots line-dancing semitruck drivers on CB radios good ole boyin’ through cornfields in Hazzard County kind of vibe. (Sorry, my geographic snobbery is showing. Bad! Bad! I’m working on it;)


      • As someone raised in the north now living in the south, this image needs to be updated for the 2020’s:

        Car is now a pickup truck, a Chevy Silverado jacked up even higher so that it can run over small children without a dent. Also does not fit into any garage, so it must be parked in the driveway, backed in so the grill menacingly hangs over half the sidewalk. With other identifying badges of the tribe adhered or affixed to said truck.

        Vacations in Gatlinburg, and … … OK I am going to stop here before I get ruder than a coons ass. Jesus take the wheel!

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  1. There are a few charms in here. A true nice deep baritone, singing in his natural register. The falsetto is high and clear. There are a couple of nice little chromatic progression choices here and there which mix things up a bit.

    I could do without the autotune sprinkled on top. Also, I see seven guys, and hear about two unique timbres.

    I wish these boys the best of luck. It is either a brilliant time to debut as there is almost nothing else for us to listen to, or a horrible time as all of our ears are turning to other genres and sounds and this is not a compelling reason to stay.

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  2. “Smooth midtempo” has become one of those words that immediately evoke a feeling for me (a feeling of disappointment, to be precise).

    The breakdown is an interesting little moment, but apart from that the song fits right in with all the other forgettable smooth midtempo’s. They all blend together in my brain at this point.

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