Song Review: Naniwa Danshi – Seishun Rhapsody

Naniwa Danshi - Seishun RhapsodyThough it may not deliver a song as instantly classic as Ubu Love or The Answer, Naniwa Danshi’s new single is probably their most consistent since their 2021 debut. It’s spearheaded by two promoted tracks, with Special Kiss getting most of the attention. I enjoy that song for what it is, but it’s a bit syrupy and old-fashioned. I’m much more inclined toward the raucous Seishun Rhapsody (青春ラプソディ), which unleashes a shot of concentrated energy that’s hard to resist.

Seishun Rhapsody attacks right out of the gate with a superspeed chant that will either lift your spirits or have you pressing the mute button. It’s hyper, to say the least! But, stick around and you’ll find a fantastic pop rock track tailor-made for frenzied live performances. You must be willing to embrace the madness that the song is selling, and I’ve found myself more susceptible with each listen. This is largely due to its chorus, which is built upon the kind of punchy pop hook that worms its way into your brain and refuses to let go.

Though Naniwa Danshi are currently riding high on their youthful brand of “kira kira” idol pop, they can’t be this sparkly forever (or can they?). Seishun Rhapsody offers an attractive onramp toward a new stage in their career, bolstered by Osaka-style party rock that retains their endearing personalities but stretches beyond a teen audience. I’m eager to see how their music has evolved after five or ten years, and whether this track stands as an early hint toward their future output.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+

(The YouTube version omits the (fun!) second verse)


One thought on “Song Review: Naniwa Danshi – Seishun Rhapsody

  1. I actually like special kiss better on first listen. I think wistful or treacly or syrupy stuff is more effective for me than it is for Nick. As far as seishun rhapsody’s merits, the super fast chat in the beginning is exciting and for me was an attention grabber. The instrumental reminds me of some of my favorite jpop and even kpop summer songs. What’s holding it back is the chorus, the melody just isn’t sticking maybe multiple listens will have it click


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