Song Review: NMIXX – Young, Dumb, Stupid

NMIXX - Young, Dumb, StupidI’ve been a little hard on NMIXX’s music thus far, but it pushes a lot of my buttons in a bad way. I appreciate the ambition it takes to meld multiple sounds (and songs!) into one. I just don’t think the execution has been there. The music hasn’t showcased the group’s talent in a way that pushes me to listen further. However, new comebacks mean new opportunities and the upcoming Expérgo pairs NMIXX with different producers who may be able to harness different strengths.

Or, things could just get worse.

I can’t with Young, Dumb, Stupid. I just… I don’t even know what to say.

I often criticize certain K-pop songs for sounding like children’s nursery rhymes, but occasionally a track actually interpolates one of these familiar melodies and things get extra awful. Young, Dumb, Stupid coasts along just fine through its opening verse. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but at least we get a chance to enjoy the members’ charisma. Then, the chorus reveals itself as an ode to “Frère Jacques/Brother John.” If this wasn’t bad enough, the girls are literally singing:

Young, Dumb, Stupid
Young, Dumb, Stupid
But who cares? But who carеs?
We’re fearless, do whatever we want
Ding dang dong Ding dang dong

I hate this. I hate everything it stands for, both musically and lyrically. This chorus is so bad and sucks everything else into its orbit, which is a shame because the rest of the song is probably NMIXX’s strongest work yet. They sound great and the vocal arrangement is robust and crisp. The pre-chorus is exciting and I enjoy the round-style singing they’re doing during the hook. The breakdown during the bridge is downright galvanizing. So much potential! But, I have a knee-jerk reaction to nursery rhymes (blame it on a career spent in early childhood education) and I just can’t get past the track’s young, dumb and stupid centerpiece.

Hooks 5
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 4

Grade: D-


44 thoughts on “Song Review: NMIXX – Young, Dumb, Stupid

  1. Lmao despite hating it, Nick certainly still like it better than Nxde!
    Honestly I liked this song when compared to their previous two title tracks (O.O, Dice, or even Tank). I didn’t feel like wanting to take a bat to my speakers for one. It’s certainly not groundbreaking and the word choice used in lyrics could use some work in not sounding infantile, but the song want jarring!


  2. One word comes to mind when listening to this – INTERESTING

    That Brother John ode caught me off my guard lol. I got tired of it after listening to it a few times, but the first listen felt like a little guilty pleasure.

    But as you said – “So much potential!”

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  3. i’m really confused by kpop in 2023. you’d think with it’s insane global popularity, this would be a perfect time for knockout hits…but instead, we have this.
    couldn’t finish the first chorus. 😦

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  4. I feel like you are kinda being hard on them again lol 😂 This particular nursery rhyme tune they used is actually one of the ones I really like so I found it catchy in a good way. It’s easily memorable, fun and put me in a good mood – I definitely can’t ask for anymore from a song really. Atleast they didn’t just straight up rip the original lyrics of a rhyme like did with Kiss. 😂 Now THAT was weird.

    And I really liked the instrumental beats too. This is definitely the most normal NMIXX song so far – and I’m someone who liked their mix pop style too 🙃 Maybe this won’t age very well unlike O.O or Dice for me but I’ve to wait to see how that goes.

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  5. This is the first K-Pop song where the music (not the MV) managed to make me laugh. Take my opinion of this as what you will.


  6. It’s forgettable for me. I clicked the video from here then watched something else then spent 3 minutes trying to remember the song. I kinda remember the nursery rhyme but that’s it.

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  7. The chorus is just stupid.

    It’s a shame because the rest of the song shows potential. There’s more opportunities for vocalists to shine here; they sound amazing.


  8. the chorus is stupid but i don’t hate it quite as much as i expected to. despite the fact that i overall don’t actually mind the song, i still find nmixx to be one of the most frustrating acts in kpop rn. they are so talented and have so much potential and if they were just given decent material i think i would really love them! with the kind of vocalists they have in this group they should really be given more of a chance to shine.


  9. Even though I really like “Cool” and “Dice,” and have actually warmed up to “O.O,” like this song, this group has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! They just haven’t hit their stride yet. This song is a huge back-step IMO. Anyone have some B Sides to recommend?


  10. This group is just not for me. I don’t think I’ve ever really liked one of their releases. Man I got to that chorus had to really push myself through that.


  11. I honestly didn’t finish it. The second time the chorus came through I had to stop. Unfortunately nmixx doesn’t have the rapport with me to power through it, thus, this track just confirms my view of them


  12. Oh God…

    If they keep it up like this, then…I’ve got no idea what to do. I just can’t. The nursery rhyme-esque chorus is as awful as My Turn’s “vroom vroom vroom skrrt” by Cravity. Or even worse…

    Rating-wise, it looks like this:

    Hooks: 3
    Production: 6
    Longevity: 3
    Bias: 2
    Total: 3.5/10

    As a result, Young Dumb Stupid is nominated as the worst K-pop song I’ve ever heard, along with My Turn. THANK YOU, JYP!!!🤬🤬🤬

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  13. well, they used a young, dumb and stupid rhyme/chorus to portray that… well… they’re young, dumb and stupid so i think the song really is in character. not that i think that’s genial, but i kinda liked it.

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  14. tbh i dont think this song is that bad but the chorus is really unfortunate. the rest of the song is cute and fun, which i can enjoy, but the literal child rhymes chorus actually ruins the song. i could not picture myself listening to this seriously.

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  15. The chorus is probably trolling, but other than that the song doesn’t really do wrong. It’s just a generic release with good production.

    A surprising 7 for me. One of the very few NMIXX’s songs I can listen till the end (Looking at you, Dice and O.O)


  16. What are yall smoking, this song is great.
    Nursey Rhyme worked for Ichillin and Tri.Be, and it works here too!
    Not the greatest song, but at least a 7, closing in on 8.


  17. I…don’t hate it? Honestly, there are some good parts and the song doesn’t sound as chaotic as some of their previous releases. I also am not mad at the nursery rhyme-themed chorus. I’m taking as a tongue-in-cheek moment versus a seriously crafted chorus meant to stick with the listener.

    That being said….I do wonder what JYP’s long term plan is with NMIXX. They have the talent, and people seem to love their visuals (which is still a major aspect of idol group popularity). But, people have been screaming for a more straight-forward pop sound from them and JYP…just refuses to do that. Also, if this is the pre-release that is supposed to build buzz, I wonder that means for the rest of the album.


  18. Why’d they have to give my girl Kyujin that chorus?? Her potential is just so much greater than that. 😩

    I hope whatever comes out next has their usual off-kilter charm. I loved Dice!


  19. It’s bad. And in the dance practice they do their best NJ imitation both in clothing style and dancing. Which is a shame, cause JYP should try to find an identity that suits them, not copy other groups, aint that the point of being part of Big 3/Big 4? Making the trend, not following it…


  20. So I really enjoyed the first verse and the pre-chorus and was wondering what all the fuss was about.

    Aaaaaand then the chorus hit.
    I am not opposed to nursery rhymes necessarily, but why would you choose this one? Thanks, I hate it.

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  21. Alright. I went into this song preparing to hate the chorus. But honestly…I thought it worked. I liked how they used it in the chord structure, it didn’t clash with the rest of the song like I’m used to with NMIXX, and while I think the lyrics are dumb (worst part of the song for me), the childish attitude fits with using a nursery rhyme as the centerpiece. The rest of the song, I love. The production soars. The girls sound fantastic. Maybe it’s because my expectations were at rock bottom going into the song, but I ended up enjoying it overall.


  22. I think you’re way too harsh on the lyrics. Nmixx got a lot of hate for basically anything, whether it was about their looks, their bodies, their music, their skills, their concepts, etc. and this track was clearly adressing that situation.

    People call them young, dumb, stupid, but why should they care? They are trying to do their own thing. Sure, it’s nothing ground breaking and has been done in kpop quite a lot, but you have to admit that kpop groups, especially girl groups, get so much hate, that it’s almost always justified in some way to adress that extreme hate.

    I feel like you’re letting your dislike of frere jacques influence your opinion on the lyrics, which lead you to the worst interpretation of the lyrics.


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