Song Review: Bobby (iKON) – Cherry Blossom

Bobby - Cherry BlossomLate last year, Bobby and the other members of iKON left YG Entertainment to join a new agency. It was a smart move if they want to release new music with any regularity. Ahead of a teased group album this spring, Bobby has returned with his first solo work since 2021’s U Mad.

When it comes to his own music, Bobby seems to operate in one of two modes. We either get a hard-hitting hip-hop track (the aforementioned U Mad) or something more subdued and melodic. I’m partial to the second option, which has given us standouts like 2017’s I Love You. Pre-release track Cherry Blossom (벚꽃) fits squarely within this realm, pulling back the bombast to deliver a soft, guitar-led sound. This results in a pleasant mid-tempo bop. It may not set the world alight, but it’s not trying to.

Like G-Dragon before him, Bobby compels not as a standout, skilled vocalist but as a unique voice within an industry that often sounds quite uniform. It’s his idiosyncrasies and imperfections that make his performance interesting, and the conversational tone of his singing is quite pleasant. In fact, “quite pleasant” describes Cherry Blossom to a tee. The song revolves around one or two melodies, repeated in different ways and with different energies. This works to make the music catchy, even as it threatens to wear thin after three minutes. I’m eager to hear how his upcoming title track might sound. I doubt it will be this understated, but I’m glad he gave this side of his music some spotlight.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Bobby (iKON) – Cherry Blossom

  1. I really like this. Bobby’s unique, raspy, rapping voice singing is charming.

    I will definitely be having this on repeat. It’ll fit perfectly in my vibe / band playlist but there’s one problem…It’s not on Spotify….

    I guess we’ll have to wait until the album comes out


  2. this is an easy to listen to music. Like I would blast this on my car while driving. I wasn’t impressed by the MV but the song keeps my head do little bops.


  3. I am glad they are out of YG and working, Ikon too. The song isn’t my type but I think is very public friendly to korea, they need to appeal now they not in a big company anymore so I think is the right move. Personally I never liked many ikon songs even tho I have a few I really enjoy, but I think they are a good group, they deserve more than they had in YG so I really hope they do well, Bobby included.

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  4. I love the bass line that introduces the song. But the vocal production is a bit heavy and kills the personality of his voice. Still a nice song though.


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