Song Review: CRAXY – Nugudom

CRAXY - NugudomRegardless of the music itself, I respect CRAXY for naming their new single “Nugudom.” I wish the content was less earnest and more tongue-in-cheek, but I’ll always applaud a “nugu” (ie: under-known group) who swings for the rafters. After all, much of my favorite K-pop music has come from acts who bear that oft-derided moniker.

CRAXY have always taken risks, and I wish I connected with their music more than I do. Apart from their stellar 2020 debut Aria, the hooks just haven’t been there for me. Nugudom has great swagger and even recalls formative groups like 2NE1 at times. But apart from the fierce verses and general badassery of the energy, there just isn’t enough to hang my hat on. The chorus struggles to find focus, relying on the girls’ (admittedly cool) performance and inspired violin/electric guitar ornamentation that adds a spark of drama. Strip those elements away and we’re left with a rather rote set of melodies.

As usual, the group scores heaps of goodwill for sheer verve. Now, their team just needs to find a song that channels that blazing ambition in an iconic way.

Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


11 thoughts on “Song Review: CRAXY – Nugudom

  1. Is it just me, or does that violin-ish (?) sound looping at the back of the chorus feel very jarring and out of place? I feel a bit overwhelmed with it playing with the vocals and beats, sorry, I can’t repeatedly listen to this song because of it.


  2. First song I’m hearing from them. I liked it but didn’t love it. I did really like that after the typical slowed down bridge they had another whole rap/breakdown part before going into the final chorus. Nice to have a full 4 minute song.


  3. The title made me initially hope for a wacky, messy, performance piece along the lines of something (G)i-dle would give us. Unfortunately, it’s just generic girl crush, which ironically is the reason that this group (and many others) will probably stay in Nugudom until they disband.

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    • Their “Aria” became a serious guilty pleasure for more than a few of us here. Bonkers at times, in a good way. Perhaps like the G-idle that you are looking for. Since then Craxy has been doing a few turns into more conventional kpop styles, and losing those of us who want back the debut bonkers Craxy.


  4. I think there are many in kpop these days who keep missing the memo:
    Music is supposed to be Musical.

    This isn’t the first kpop song like this these couple years and won’t be the last, but I find this contrast to be immense: there are those relaxation hours long form youtube videos that boast some frequency is the most relaxing, complete with rain sounds and somehow also fire crackling to add white noise. The magic frequencies of calm and rest. Long blogs about why these work for the healing chakras or something.

    Then there are songs like these which hit other frequencies which are the complete opposite, shrill and agitated. But not Metallica agitated sturm und drang, just an uneasy dear lord make it stop noise, like the fire alarm going on because someone burned popcorn in the break room microwave again, and we all pretend that the noise will go away soon but not soon enough.

    Rant over.

    Rating is high, more like a flat 7 for me, at best.

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  5. WOW! So many critics with nothing better to do. My 1st time listening to ’em. Seemed a little outside the 4th gen box to me but then I’m not a critic. I’m casual listener. Really burnt on 4th gen. As a new fan I am looking to the past reimagined. Way to many of those who paved to way are gone. Just Saying

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  6. for this one, I don’t like the song that much but I’ve been enjoying their music show performances, somehow when they’re performing it doesn’t matter that the song is not that good.


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