Song Review: Sunmi x BE’O – Lights Out

Sunmi x BE'O - Lights OutSunmi releases new music so infrequently that even an under-the-radar duet like Lights Out (불이꺼지고) fills me with excitement. The song pairs her with popular rapper BE’O, whose performance here is halfway between a rap and croon. That fits the vibe of the track, which is smooth and unbothered by any need to deliver more than a stylish groove. Aesthetically, it’s hard to complain about Lights Out. It’s aloof and cool without even lifting a finger.

But other than moody background music, there’s not much to sink your teeth into here. The song relies on an oft-repeated melodic hook and rarely raises above a breathy coo. I could imagine Lights Out making a nice backdrop to a scene in a movie, but I have little use for it on its own.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8

Grade: C


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Sunmi x BE’O – Lights Out

  1. It’s a very nice breathy coo. As if Sade’ made a kpop spring coffee house song.

    Do the kids here know Sade’? If you don’t you are missing out. One hell of a woman. Sensual and sultry, and fully clothed. No need for any filters on a some dumb tik tok. Mmm mmm mm Sade’.

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    • Sade is such an amazing artist! I love her music so much. No Ordinary Love, Smooth Operator, and Bullet Proof Soul are some of my favorite songs. She’s super talented, a great live performer, and really pretty. I have her Diamond Life album on vinyl. I bought that one with Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite album the same day.


  2. I have a weakness for Sunmi; I love almost everything she does, her voice is like a soft summer rain. I’ll be listening to this one all year, no doubt.


  3. One thing about Sunmi is that I usually consistently underrate her most current single, and then later find that it’s one of the best highlights of the year. I’m not going to do that this time! This sounds like a Wonder Girls track, and I’ll take it. More of these, please.


    • (For example, I slept on Heart Burn all year last year, and only this year realized what a fantastic track it is. I’d rank it in her top 5 easily.)


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