Song Review: Holland – Number Boy

Holland - Number BoySince making his breakthrough in early 2018, Holland has struggled to consistently release music. After a blitz of singles at the end of the last decade, Number Boy is his first new work in years. It’s a welcome return for the groundbreaking performer and reestablishes him as a purveyor of moody synthpop.

With this sound being fashionable at the moment, Number Boy is likely to win him new fans. It’s a relatively understated effort, but its mid-tempo electro bounce has a softly anthemic quality that suits him well. Holland’s vocals further the intangible quality of the music, given an airy makeover that lends his performance an otherworldly texture. I wish there was a bit more to the song itself (we need a proper climax!), but the overall approach works.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Holland – Number Boy

  1. So glad to have Holland back! I actually did not know he was making a comeback until I saw a tiktok of him doing a dance challenge with TXT’s Yeonjun and I was so happy to see him interact and become more integrated with the rest of the industry since the mainstream Korean media has constantly boycotted him.

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  2. His voice sounds kind of like it was pasted behind the instrumental?
    It’ s a nice song, but I think I’ ll have to be in the mood to listen to it.


  3. What a great mood Holland can create. The combination of his vocals and the instrumental is alluring and draws you in. I wish the hook was stronger but I enjoy seeing Holland back again

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  4. btw have u heard lights up by qi.x? theyre an indie idol group made entirely of trans/nonbinary ppl who were rejected from idol agencies due to their identities
    the song itself is kinda boring but as a nonbinary person im still so happy that a group like this exists and i hope they can make some waves in the idol scene

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  5. It’s so good to see Holland back! I really missed his music and as a queer person myself I love having someone in a k-pop space who makes me feel seen and understood. The song reminds me of Satellite by Suzy a little in it’s hazy atmosphere and I think it’s a pretty solid return. The music video was absolutely gorgeous too. The climax could definitely be more powerful but for his first song in four years I’m just glad to hear his voice ❤ It's one that's needed.

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  6. I really like it, it’s dreamy and the best thing he’s done since Enishi with neufneuf. The video is beautiful and almost like a bookend to Hello Gloom’s Dancing in The Dark. It’s good to see him back.


  7. Certainly a decent instrumental and I like the MV. Nice to see Boys Planet Kim Jiwoong make an appearance LOL, wonder if he filmed this before joining the show or had time to make a cameo during the breaks. Unfortunately, I just cannot get behind his vocals at all.


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