Song Review: Apink – D N D

Apink - D N DEvery Apink review should start with a recognition of the group’s longevity. The fact that they continue to release new music is admirable and it’s great to have more active sunbaenims in K-pop’s girl group sphere. Even if I haven’t connected with much of what they’ve done post-2019, Apink have consistently delivering strong, stylish material that’s won plenty of acclaim from fans.

New single D N D smooths some of the edges from the group’s sound. I don’t think I’d ever call Apink “edgy,” but their work with producers Black Eyed Pilseung positioned them in conversation with industry trends. D N D takes a more nebulous approach. It’s fizzy and fun, but also kind of dull.

I often use the term “coffeehouse” to describe music that’s pleasant in a “put it on in the background” kind of way. To me, D N D feels like the dance music version of coffeehouse. It bounds on a jaunty beat and climaxes in a fun, upbeat chorus. But, the entire package is a little toothless. After their twelve-year career, I guess Apink have earned the right to play things safe.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Apink – D N D

  1. Look, the sweet Apink is back!

    What characterized Apink’s titles from other groups is they use A LOT OF layering. Yes they repeat that single chord for three minutes (definitely uninspiring!), but it gives you that warm and cozy feel. Definitely a clever act, appealing the mass with a simple melody.

    In fact D N D is the least Apink title I feel. Where did all that richness go? It sounded so ‘clean’ and simple! That said, it has a good foundation, just need some guy like BEP/Shinsadong Tiger to enrich things up.

    Lyrics are the star of the show. Look, I’m not a big sucker for chicken soup, but it’s so rare to see a group releasing music comforting souls of us workers. Big thumbs up for that.

    8/10 for me, 1-2 for lyrics. Hope that longevity goes on!

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  2. I wonder why BEP didn’t produce this one? Maybe (hopefully) they’re hard at work on a new STAYC album?

    This song’s okay; it sounds like something Twice would do. It doesn’t really have the sound I associate with APink though.


    • I wondered why it wasn’t produced by BEP too , likely they are very busy with Stayc or this was a missed opportunity , it’s a decent song but honestly i expected something more of a banger or atleast something more impactful


  3. Apink has given me such good music/memories that I’m pleased by just them releasing anything at all. That said, there’s not a lot here, definitely a study track

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  4. I don’t think biased is quite strong enough. There’s no world where I don’t love everything on this EP. I love anything they do and this is just Apink in their comfort zone, making music I love. I think this EP could use a bit more energy at times but I’m not gonna complain about a new Apink project. Its great and I love them.

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  5. First of all I’m really happy Apink is still making music. I like the song but it plays it so safe that it isn’t really memorable. I was hoping for the next I’m So Sick, Eung Eung or Dumhdurum. I think your review is spot on. After so many years in the business you’d think they could come up with something better right?

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  6. Your reviews have been largely positive to their post 2019 work with the exception of their fan songs…which are fan songs. Are you also including their b-sides? Also why 2019? that seems to purposefully exclude I’m so sick which is kinda the defining point of their (temporary?) sound change


  7. Well I love it! Small ell love.

    It has spunk, it has some nice confident vocals, bops along with minimal posturing and keeps going. No complaints here. Perhaps low to mid 8’s for me.


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