Song Review: from20 – Bad Revenge

from20 - Bad RevengeThe Faker Club label is on a roll, producing some of the industry’s most addictive synthpop. It’s been a joy watching from20’s career blossom from cool indie artist to impressive pop star. Last August’s Chemical became one of my most-played songs of 2022 and new single Bad Revenge maintains its undeniable flair.

The production on this is immaculate. With synthwave being such a popular genre at the moment, Bad Revenge isn’t doing anything new. But when it comes to atmosphere, energy and texture, the song gets everything right. It’s as if we’ve stepped right into a moody 80’s thriller.

Both verses and chorus are tautly constructed, unveiling catchy hooks that hit right from the first listen. The track could do with a more dramatic climax, but I love the Michael Jackson-esque vocal tics that mark its finale. More of this funky energy, please!

Pair this with Key’s Killer for a double-shot of cinematic synth goodness.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


9 thoughts on “Song Review: from20 – Bad Revenge

  1. I love the production in the song, but the pronunciation of some english words is throwing me off so bad. What is ‘revengy’? I think that hinders me from enjoying the song more than I probably should. The second part of the chorus is also receiving a question mark from because of how it flows. I think there could have been an alternative to ‘oh no its f****** crime’. I would personally add the ‘a’ after ‘its’ and place the emphasis/pause to ‘its’ instead of the ‘no’, just so my head doesn’t get warning bells from the grammar. But perhaps its me being dramatic. I’ll give this is around a mid 8 I think.

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  2. Honestly, it’s meh for me. I found the song to be kinda…dull for some reason. Besides, WTF is “revengy”?!?! Those mispronunciations in the chorus pissed me off. Idk, here’s how I’d rate it:

    Hooks: 7
    Production: 8
    Longevity: 6 (thanks to the lyrics)
    Bias: 7 (lowered for the same reason)
    Total: 7/10

    Chemical and WEOL were so much better.


  3. I really really like from20’s music.

    ‘Chemical’ from last year was so good. 8.75/10
    ‘Weol’ was also incredible. 9.25/10
    But my favourite would be ‘Because it’ll be faster for you to forget me than me loving you’. 9.5/10

    This is my least favourite but I still like it.

    My rating would be 7.75/10


  4. The grammar and pronunciation don’t really bother me (imo I think it’s funny), this is some solid synthpop! I’ve only listened to Because it’ll be faster for you to forget me than me loving you from from20, but I think I have to check out the rest of his stuff now 🤔


  5. You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you …
    Oh, right, wrong song ‘

    Since no one asked me, here is the ranking again.
    I will give the boy a pass for Ree-ven-gee, since it seems like the Korean pronunciation of Ree-venge in the same way that Chal-len-gee is Korean pronunciation for Chall-enge.

    For the rest of it, the line “Oh no it’s fucking Crime” is a crime, and the rhymes are horrible. I am going to call the lyrics “Crappy craptastic”, which is a new ranking I am inserting below Cringey Cringetastic.

    However, however, the line “I can’t feel you want me so bad” as a single entendre is even worse, so let’s slot this song down on that level. 6 out of 15 from me.

    Kpop Lyrics in English ranking, in descending order, best to worst:
    Intelligible English good lyrics that rhyme
    Intelligible English good lyrics
    Unintelligible English of any quality lyrics
    Double entendres
    Mispronounced but decent lyrics
    A single lyric line that is so craptastic it is great
    Cringey but campy lyrics
    Cringey cringetastic lyrics
    =new= Crappy Craptastic lyrics
    Single entendres
    Oh so bland lyrics
    Really, what does that mean lyrics
    But, um, I don’t think you know what that means lyrics
    A single word said over over like that will make it mean something lyric
    Well-pronounced lousy lyrics

    Also note that: Any song that starts with a “yeah” or inarticulate grunt = technical foul, automatic one point deduction

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