Song Review: X:IN – Keeping The Fire

XIN - Keeping The FireSometimes a song’s first few seconds tell you all you need to know. X:IN’s Keeping The Fire opens with a limp brass loop — a style popularized by songs like BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love. Of K-pop’s many tropes, this is one of my least favorites and almost guarantees a track will be anchored by some obnoxious beat-drop hook.

Keeping The Fire bears this out. From its titular catchphrase to the uninspired instrumental, it’s an especially hollow iteration of this approach. As far as hooks go, the “keeping the fire” chant has as oddly dejected energy. It’s as if the girls don’t even believe it themselves. Elsewhere, we have a highly affected rap verse and BLACKPINK-lite melody that never goes anywhere. I wish X:IN the best, but they need much stronger material to carve a name for themselves.

Hooks 6
 Production 6
 Longevity 6
 Bias 6

Grade: D-


18 thoughts on “Song Review: X:IN – Keeping The Fire

  1. Nick, I am very proud of you. Me, myself I would have stopped after the first sentence. “Sometimes a song’s first few seconds tell you all you need to know.” And there is not much I can add to that.

    I am not even inspired enough to write a haiku or limerick. Is there a Korean equivalent of a haiku? Or Korean limerick style?

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  2. I hate copycats. It’s a bit like stealing. My favorite artist circa 2005-2015 was UK dubstep musician Burial. His sound was so unique, but it gave rise to an army of copycats (none of whom could approach his artistry), forcing him to abandon so much of musical palette. Of course BP & Teddy haven’t really altered course, despite so many copycats out there. This one though is one of the most egregious I’ve heard.


  3. I think the only reason why I had even the faintest interest/ knowledge of this group is that a certain member is not just from my country but also from my state! 🙃 This single fact is kinda cool for me lmao. Other than that I have nothing more to say.


    • Same.. . but after reading these comments I am glad I didn’t join any fandom in my I Understood meaning of stans. Criticism is so easy for someone without knowing someone journey.


  4. Their vocals are pretty good actually, but I did not like any of their rappers. Just sounded like a bunch of yelling to me.


  5. My ears get tired listening to this. I will say one of the vocalists had a nice voice. This track is just weirdly obnoxious but also so monotonous


  6. Producers raided Blackpink’s b-side vault and called it a day :3
    Just when we thought that the kpop world has moved on from the obnoxious girl crush sound, here comes XIN, stuck in the 2017-19 era.


  7. I enjoyed the first verse and the chorus as they were cool and catchy. Then the rap part comes.

    7 for me (6, 7, 7, 8)


  8. It makes me laugh reading comments from all these KIDS who don’t even know the M of music. Passing off their own likes of music and group as their so called knowledge of Kpop. 👁👁


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