Song Review: Lee Chaeyeon – Knock

Lee Chaeyeon - KnockLee Chaeyeon’s debut album was a quirky introduction that stood out. It seemed to promise an interesting musical future for the soloist, and if WM Entertainment’s track record is anything to go by, we’re in for a wild ride. New single Knock is another step in the right direction, though it falls short of becoming the epic dance track we know she has in her.

More than anything, I want to applaud Knock for embracing honest-to-goodness kick. More and more, I get frustrated by how intricate and ever-changing K-pop’s percussion has become. Sometimes, all you want is a steady thump — something to keep the energy high and the momentum going. I love how Knock‘s beat is placed so forward in the mix. It gives the track a commanding presence.

Knock‘s two-part chorus is catchy, with a refrain that echoes the melodic themes of the verses and production. Every element is tethered so tightly together than the track threatens to grow repetitive as it goes. It’s definitely an earworm. I just worry it’ll wear out its welcome sooner than I’d like.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

Grade: B


14 thoughts on “Song Review: Lee Chaeyeon – Knock

  1. Hard agree. I kind of really love it right now, but I can see it age real fast. For now, I’ll just celebrate the fact that I enjoy it a lot more than I ever enjoyed Hush Rush.

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  2. I like Chaeyeon so much more now that she’s a soloist. Also worried this will become grating sooner rather than later, but I love the percussion and think the song is way, way more engaging than it could have been. Her voice suits this style nicely!


  3. fun song but agree that it’s not the type of song that age well. the melodic line of the second part of the chorus remind me a lot of the chorus of cindy lauper’s time after time and now that I noticed I can’t unhear it.


  4. Had hella lot of fun during the listen! Though the only thing I’m concerned about is the song’s longevity, which is…yeah, questionable. Rating is about right, but, ofc, I expect it to fall down as the time goes by. Won’t be surprised if it wears thin on me soon.


  5. So much fun and energy! Chaeyeon does a great job of delivering the full song all by herself, which is not an easy feat for a group performer to transition to.

    There are songs that sound like ads and ads that sound like songs, and I am not sure if this song doesn’t sounds too much like them most of the time for my taste.

    Also, I wished I hear more of her natural voice. There are no music shows uploaded this morning yet, but this song is so canned, cans of cans. Even the main rift sounds vocoder, and not in a decorative way but in a necessary way, the knock knock line that starts the whole song. Lord knows what it will sound like when and if she does actually sing it live.

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  6. It’s quite nice to listen to, although as I read above I feel like I’ll get tired of it fast. I hope Chaeyeon continues down this path because her niche is definitely in these types of tracks that make you dance.
    By the way, in case anyone has missed it, I leave you this bside of the latest Kep1er EP with which I have become obsessed, for those who enjoy a track with a great discharge of energy.


  7. Absolutely fantastic track , very different than her debut track but i like it just as much , amazing to see these 2 very sides of Lee Chae Yeon and i can’t wait for what she has in store for us in the future , shes’s one of my absolute favorite soloists at the moment

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  8. I might actually like this mow than Hush Rush- the driving energy and percussion throughout the track is great! The first part of chorus will get repetitive I’m sure, but the rest of the song is enough to convince me that Chaeyeon’s solo career will be exciting. I really love the music video- the camera angles and shots are so dynamic and it highlights the choreography so well! One of my favourite music videos in a long time.


  9. I like Hush Rush more than this because I instantly felt worn out at 3 listens in lol. But I still like this song as well as Chaeyeon’s performance, she seems so laid back and relaxed in the showcase unlike in Hush Rush where she looked really nervous understandably.

    I also like how MZ Vampire(the concept she did for Hush Rush) coded this song and mv still is, like I don’t know how to explain it lol it’s just nice she invented a new and cute concept for herself.

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  10. One of the first songs of the year I genuinely really like upon first listen. And I’m glad I love it, because I want any reason to support Chaeyeon.

    (It’s a good thing it’s a two-part chorus, though. It could get a bit stale otherwise.)


  11. Oh! This is actually really good – or maybe it just stands out a lot to me since so little k-pop has interested me of late.

    I do miss a little bit of personality in the vocal maybe – the vocals here are very adequate and well-produced without standing out, so to speak.


  12. This sound is very RBW that I suspect this was written for Purple Kiss at first. Alas, this is a very good sogn to show her wackier side. It reminded me of older, Crazy Frog-esque dance tracks that’s highly catchy and saccharine (but in a good way).


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