Song Review: Xikers – Rockstar

Xikers - RockstarI can’t say I’m enamored with Xikers’ debut mini album. Most of it still sounds like ATEEZ Jr. to me (which makes sense given its producers). But, the rollicking Rockstar easily stands as the group’s strongest moment so far. I’m glad it’s being promoted with a music video and would love Xikers to harness this energy going forward.

There are brief moments when Rockstar sputters, but the vast majority of the track is thrilling noise. While not quite a rock song, it has a ballsy punk energy that captures the spirit of the genre. Its dramatic pre-chorus is pulled straight from Treasure-era ATEEZ, vaulting into a hook that explodes with intensity. This could’ve easily become some diluted beat drop. Instead, the percussion intensifies to full head-banging madness. I could do without the suffocating vocal effects, but that’s become a calling card for this agency.

More than anything, I find Rockstar’s sense of bigness very refreshing. It never holds back or attempts to placate listeners, and I love hearing that brash spirit in a newly-debuted group. In fact, I think this is my favorite track from a 2023 rookie so far. And, it has unlimited room to grow as the months go on.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


17 thoughts on “Song Review: Xikers – Rockstar

  1. Speaking of recent rookie groups, what do you think about Jelly Pop, one of the recently released original songs from boys planet? It is easily one of favorite songs of 2023 and is produced by Iggy Youngae who if I’m not mistaken are among your favorite producers.

    I’m particularly fond of its chorus, but the verses and bridge stand on its own really strongly. It’s very well produced, if anything it is a bit of a pain trying to differentiate the 9 voices together but when the song is just good it doesn’t really matter too much in the end.

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  2. The EP feels weirdly scattered to me, and this is coming from someone who enjoys diffusion. I do enjoy rockstar a great deal, but tricky House still appeals more to my dance idiot lizard brain. Still hard to believe they are rookies. I bet the comeback will be great.

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  3. I like this song a lot, I don’t like so much the other ones but I honestly don’t dislike it, is just too teen for me. I do agree they sound like Ateez Jr however I find this natural, they still have to build an identity and well I think many groups that have seniors in same company have the same issue cause each production team has a style to work. Like SM has a style too sometimes I listen to a song from NCT that I could totally picture Exo singing or even Shinee. They are all very young older I think is 19 and they also have a member learning to produce. Anyway I think is a valid concern but they will have space to grow their influences I don’t think they will stick with Ateez style cause they have a more rapper oriented group.
    But I do love this song, I also love the lyrics is very cute and a find refreshing for teens that suppose to be their audience.
    One thing I like about a lot about Ateez and for me add a lot to their songs is their lyrics, they are good and relatable, I hate lyrics that don’t make sense maybe cause I used songs a lot when I needed comfort. I think this song lyric do the same, if I was a teen I would like to read that too. Anyway, is a teen anthem for me.


  4. I adore everything about this song except its chorus. I wish it had also followed “Treasure”‘s sung chorus instead of opting for yelling. But chorus aside, I love the verses, the raps, and especially the long, satisfying pre choruses Edenary excel at. I hope that going forward, we get more like this and “Oh My Gosh”.


  5. I like the song, but as an aspirational anthem about being a rockstar, I don’t think it’s going to replace Oasis (Rock and Roll Star) or MGMT (Time to Pretend); and its “I feel like a rock star” just makes me think of Post Malone’s instant-classic of the same name.


  6. Yep, this one is definitely my style of song! And I really feels it fits them as a group as well – this kinda youthful energy and brightness – they carry it so well!

    I honestly didn’t like Tricky House that much the more I heard it – in fact the one part I did find ok was the one where they repeated Shanti Shanti where the melody was nice – but I also am not fond of how kpop tries to use “bollywood” inspiration as they call it lol. It just feels weird to me and so even that is a mixed feelings part.

    Rockstar overall has more of a debut song energy to it and I felt the group energy a bit better here too!


  7. Some time ago, big sister and I were in Disney, and a torrential rain starts as happens in a subtropical region. I had an umbrella and she had a poncho. Between us huddling together and sprinting, we made it to our lightening lane time at Space Mountain.

    We thought we were OK, we made it, we were reasonably dry despite the rain, life was good. Space Mountain is a roller coaster in the dark, flashing neon lights, loud rock music, laughing screaming crying and all good fun. Exciting but doable. Then the ride starts and all the wet ponchos on the people ahead of me start shedding water sideways backwards horizontally right onto me, she the one without poncho. Dark whooshing neon lights loud rock music laughing and now a torrent of water whap whap whap right on my face and arms and all over. Now, now I am soaked.

    This song sounds like that experience.

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  8. if u ask me xikers has some insane potential like a few of their members have dynamite stage presence (esp hunter) and yechan is one of the best new idol rappers ive seen in quite a while…..all kq has to do is. yknow. actually give them more of their own identity as a group the way they did w ateez like im sorry but they (+ edenary) kinda set them up w that whole first mini tbh


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