Thoughts on BOYS PLANET Episode Eleven

Boys PlanetI wasn’t going to recap Boys Planet (and technically, I’m still not doing it), but I’m watching the series and thought others might appreciate a spot to discuss it. So, each week I plan on dumping a few of my random thoughts about the show. Again, this will not be a full, detailed recap. But, if you have something you want to mention make sure to include it in the comments!

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Final Elimination

I don’t generally write much about the eliminations, and since this episode was entirely made up of rankings and filler segments my thoughts this week will be brief.

It’s interesting to see how ranks change when voters are limited to supporting fewer trainees at once. This time, it didn’t shake out quite like I would have predicted. I thought guys like Hoetaek (Hui) and Matthew would have a more dedicated fan base and perhaps rise. Instead, the opposite happened. Other trainees came from behind. I wasn’t even paying attention to Ricky, but he rose six places this time.

However, it can benefit a trainee to be seen as the underdog going into the final round of voting. You definitely don’t want your supporters to get complacent (Hello, 2016 presidential election!). I don’t think the top three or so have anything to worry about, but the rest of the line-up will likely shuffle.

In the end, Hanbin retained his position at the top. It’s so funny how this happens almost every season. Viewers pick one person to rally around and that person rarely loses their support. I’m not necessarily complaining. From what I can tell, Hanbin deserves this. It’s just fascinating how stable it’s been.

Of the eliminated participants, I’m disappointed Haruto didn’t make it. And of course, the ever-entertaining Takuto was also cut. I hope these guys can find success in a J-pop group.

Next Week’s Competition

All I’ll say is that — from the short sample we heard — “Jelly Pop” already sounds like the best song to come out of this series. Also, its title is like a hybrid of Lovelyz and HyunA and that makes me happy.


13 thoughts on “Thoughts on BOYS PLANET Episode Eleven

  1. ok supercharger teams fate just makes me mad tbh….like i wasnt exactly expecting them to sweep or anything but for the WHOLE team to get axed…..that just feels wrong to me

    and yeah harutos elimination sucks but i cant rlly say anything abt it that hasnt already been said by every other fan of the series…..if anything woonggis elimination is even worse bc he literally got axed from an existing survival show group THAT WAS PUT TOGETHER BY THE SAME COMPANY AS BOYS PLANET so it just felt unnecessarily cruel

    oh well. if anything its given us this amazing thank u letter from haruto https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FtpMo5NagAEvN0v.jpg

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  2. We lost soo many talented trainees. I’m genuinely so sad. I’m the most sad about Seunghwan. He was improving at an incredible pace and was a really good performer.

    There are too many talented trainees on this show and 9 members for the final lineup is not enough.

    Also, ‘Over Me’ has had a chokehold on me for the past 3 days. I’ve been listening to it non stop


  3. I am usually a supporter of having smaller groups, but with this one I really wish they have more debuting spots, like 11 or something 😅. I am fully supporting jiwoong and hope he at least maintains his ranking 😖😖 in the final.

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  4. Haruto, Seowon, and Woongki gone means all the show’s entertaining qualities gone… well at least there’s Junhyeon still. Honestly at least Seowon still has Nine.i but I really hope this wasn’t the last chance for the other two 😭 They’ve even been in other survival shows already 😭😭

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  5. I haven’t been following this much at all lol – still nice to see Hanbin still going strong. About Ricky – I didn’t particularly notice him but the guy has HUGE support I think – I’ve seen so many people commenting all over YT to vote for him that I think that support actually worked to boost him up so high.

    Most of the people who had caught my eye(or ears) have all gone – so I don’t really feel as invested in the process anymore; so I’ll just focus on the results I guess 😀

    Hopefully Matthew DOES make it to the end; he really has a good voice and vibe.

    One other person I would like to see in the final group is Gunwook actually – but something tells me with this last bunch of shufflings he might not make it to the top 9.


  6. Sad that Haruto didn’t make it. Hoping that he’d have another chance to debut. While he would’ve been my one-pick, I hope park hanbin or junhyeon get to debut in the group.


  7. I’m really interested to see what happens to Matthew given the odd editing arc for the past three episodes and the fancam rigging allegations. I do think Mnet wants him in as the North American/native-English-speaking representative and he’ll make it, along with Shanbin, Zhang Hao, Jiwoong, Taerae, Keita, and Yujin. Hoping Phanbin makes it too.


  8. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for the review. I was just wondering if you happened to listen to the predebut for X:In?

    Their debut was pretty lackluster but I think “Who Am I” has become an absolute banger for 2023 for me lol. You might like it. I can’t believe how good the song is for some reason??

    Take Care, Imran

    On Sun, Apr 16, 2023 at 4:44 PM The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussi


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