Song Review: Taeyang – Seed

Taeyang - SeedThough he’s often known for his more hip-hop inspired tracks, Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips stands as one of K-pop’s best and most enduring torch songs. The guy can sing the heck out of a ballad, and he’s one of the few voices that compels attention without all the bells and whistles that often surround idol music.

Seed is very much part of this legacy – a subdued piano ballad that puts full focus on Taeyang’s performance. It’s even laced with that gospel-lite energy that characterizes many of his ballads.

However, a song like Seed lives or dies on its melody. The clearer it is, the better. And while there are some nice bluesy turns here and there, the overall package feels a little tame. It’s always a treat to hear Taeyang belt it out, even when he’s restraining himself. His voice adds plenty of flair and interest to the track, but like its peer Shoong, the material lets him down. It doesn’t scream “instant classic” the way past efforts have. That’s a high bar to hold against any artist, but Taeyang has proven himself up to the task time and time again.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: C


3 thoughts on “Song Review: Taeyang – Seed

  1. I bet on Nightfall as a Buried Treasure (to me it is), as well as April Shower in Seventeen’s ep (it’s by far the best track of the bundle)!


  2. Better, but still underwhelming. This is not Eyes Nose Lips or Wedding Dress era slow jam ballad Taeyang all yearning and agony. There is a melody there, there really is. But is feels a bit subdued and underplayed in the performance, as if he recorded it on an apple pie and fatherhood day when he should have recorded it after a sleepless night and crappy weather and bad traffic day. Or if not, fake it like it was a bad angsty day.

    That said, I am really happy that I can hear an actual heartfelt vocal, and have reasonable expectation that the vocal will match or exceed the recorded version. That is what I am anticipating – hoping for a live rendition that he leans into fully.

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  3. I so disagree. It’s not even about Taeyang but the writing. The chords used on that track are beautiful and unexpected. It’s not mainstream and it’s not pop. Starts gospel and turns into soul. But yeah… Not sure who wrote the melody but they did an excellent job. Overall, the album is one of the best I heard from a Kpop artist this year.


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