Song Review: Taeyang – Shoong! (ft. Lisa of BLACKPINK)

Taeyang - Shoong! (ft. Lisa of BLACKPINK)After six years without a new album, Taeyang is treating fans to multiple title tracks. After January’s Vibe, Shoong pairs the veteran performer with another K-pop titan. This time, it’s an in-house collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

When it comes to solo material, Taeyang often pairs himself with rappers. Bandmate G-Dragon has filled that role more than once. Lisa isn’t given much to do on Shoong, but there’s really not much for Taeyang to do either! The song is sparse and simple — a mid-tempo hip-hop track that feels pretty uneventful by his standards.

Listening to Shoong, I kept waiting for the groove to kick in. The percussion is tentative and draggy. I’m not saying the song needs to be some high-tempo dance banger, but it could definitely do with more bounce. Without that sense of lift, Shoong must stake its claim on the power of its performers. You can’t ask for better than Taeyang and Lisa, but their charisma shouldn’t have to carry the entire track.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C-


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Taeyang – Shoong! (ft. Lisa of BLACKPINK)

  1. Hoorah, Taeyang is back.

    Let’s just accept this as a performance showcase for two label mates and move on, because there is not much musical content here to comment on. That twirl that anchors the chorus is a little wisp of an undeveloped idea, a spark that never catches fire. It just repeats 3 of 4 lines, then resolves which itself repeats . The rhythm is hardly rhythmic. And that is about it. Where is the music?


  2. It’s a b-side and yeah it’s the weakest on the album but it served its purpose: getting attention. I’d rather you review the album as a whole. The title track had a lot to offer and the album as a whole was consistent.


  3. Feel like this track is there for the moves. Enjoyed the choreography and showed off their strengths as dancer. Taeyang and Lisa both gave great presence and charisma. Wouldnt be replaying for the music itself though.


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