Song Review: EPEX – Sunshower

EPEX - SunshowerEPEX have cobbled together a colorful discography over the past few years. I never know what we’re going to get from them and my reactions to their music have been polarized. With a sound that’s constantly in flux, it’s hard to maintain an enduring interest in the group.

Sunshower (여우가 시집가는 날) is another shift in their style. Its light pop sound most closely echoes 2021’s buoyant Do 4 Me. This song is not quite as catchy, but the tempo has plenty of kick in its step. It’s BTS Dynamite-adjacent, as so many modern K-pop tracks of this genre tend to be. The edges are smoothed to a fine polish.

The seesawing melody of Sunshower’s chorus is fun, though even after a few listens its appeal starts to wear thin. Verse two switches the arrangement to add some grit, but too much of the song threatens to evaporate into a cloud of pixy dust. Sadly, it never moves beyond pleasant fluff.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


7 thoughts on “Song Review: EPEX – Sunshower

  1. Another song where if it came out 4-5-6 years ago, we would like it and move on. But these days we are so starved for quality content that it gets a half point more. Isn’t it funny how these little groups are putting out better songs than the big groups by sticking to the basics and delivering. Twas ever thus.

    Solid song, solidly done. Should be an 8. Is 8.

    There is a good The Boyz OST out today “Stealer”, no relation to their own “The Stealer” ‘

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  2. this song reminds me a lot of Cravity’s groovy earlier this year. I like this a bit more just because I’ve been an adamant follower of epex’s music for a while. I’d give this a 8.75 for how catchy this is.


  3. Listening to this I have a feeling the song was initially meant for cute/girly girl groups. However, EPEX really transform it into something else.

    It’s a good sad club disco song with some twists. I sort of like that they have this specific story and we can interpret their love interest as any gender.

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  4. I really like this pleasant fun vibe songs of theirs. The guys all have such great genuinely happy vibes lol!

    They have really nice vocals too which are showcased better in such songs and I know for sure that any doubts I have will be easily taken care of of by a few stage performances! They’re really good at performing these fun songs – both Hymn to love and Do 4 Me actually pulled me in after their great stages and I strongly feel this song will have more force behind it too on stage!


  5. I’m glad they’re getting away from the shout fest that some boys seem to assault us with. Hopefully they’ll stay in this lane since the members pull this concept off better then their previous shout-a-thons, plus I absolutely adore Keum and will never get over him not making it into X1 (RIP). Also, Jeff is such a talented rapper, especially for his age.


  6. I like it, and also the rest of the album. First for me with Epex. Not Sling Shot or Do 4 Me greatness, but excellent.


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