Song Review: iKON – U

iKON - UDays after hitting us with pre-release Tantara, iKON have delivered their first album under new management. And if title track U is any indication, the group is in a very happy place. This is their most upbeat single yet, offering their take on the popular disco-party sound.

Given the song’s co-write from member Bobby, I wonder if they’ve wanted to explore this lighter style for awhile. It fits them well, retaining their rollicking energy while offering a summery jolt that’s bright and buoyant. The hooks could be a little sharper, but iKON bring plenty of character to the groove. It sounds like they’re having fun — and not in a manufactured “this concept is FUN!” way.

I imagine U will feel great blasting out of car speakers over the next few months. Though iKON are no longer with YG Entertainment, the song makes a nice compliment to last year’s I Love U by former agency-mates Winner. Its strongest moments echo that track, when the group’s vocalists cut loose and wrap their voices around soaring, sun-kissed melody.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

Grade: B


19 thoughts on “Song Review: iKON – U

      • I’m blaming the messenger, haha. I know, I miss the days of 9s and 10s. But hope springs eternal; with summer almost here, we’re bound to get some great tunes (knock-on-wood-knock-on-wood).


  1. I’m smiling like an idiot while watching the MV. It makes you want to go to a summer festival near beaches. Welcome back iKON! Release those 1000 songs you wrote for us LOL!

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  2. I think Ikon are one of the least interesting groups I know.

    Can someone please explain their appeal? It’s like Heize and Zico. Just don’t get it.


      • Yeah, I’m familiar with their most popular hits, and they’re certainly popular. I just can’t fathom how someone could have Love Scenario as their favourite song.

        Is there something to the lyricism?


        • Maybe you are one of those people who are just not on their market. If nothing interests you about them, that’s fine. Not all their songs are appealing to everyone anyway. Though I would say, most of their songs are really good in terms of composition and lyricism if you are lucky enough to listen to any of them because most of them are on the B-side.

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        • I don’t speak Korean, but I love that chorus, the way they pronounce “scen-a-ri-o” brings a smile every time. (For the longest time, I thought they were saying “señorita”!) No native English speakers would think to have this word in its chorus, and pronounced in this way – and yet, it works utterly brilliantly. The song is very catchy, and unlike really anything else in K-pop; that piano and unusual syncopation (at least for Kpop) makes it a fantastic song on my playlists. If I were trying to introduce someone to K-pop and making a playlist of 100 songs or so, I’d definitely include it.

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    • I think of Ikon and Zico (and Block B before) as musical acts that the boys can like without seeming weird. A boys boy band. Not that the girls can’t also like them, perhaps equally. Like how Big Bang is (or was) a boys boy band and also girls equally. But Super Junior have more appeal to the girls and fewer boys.

      For Heize, she fits in with the current gestalt for Lofi coffee house chill. Not my particular style either but it seems there are many people who like this these days.


  3. I may or may not be an Ikonic. All I know is I want that light-stick, I have A LOT of Ikon’s songs on my Kpop playlist, and I will go to their US Tour no matter what😅.

    Having said that, I think this song is good 8 for me.

    At first listen(no MV), I thought it was a unit song by Bobby and Jay and/or DK. For some reason the raspy voice I associate with Bobby was all over this track and I could barely distinguish the vocalists. After watching the MV I stood corrected.😬

    Also, I wish they would do the “only for you” chant just once because, I’m not going to lie, I find it repetitive. (12×3 in a 3:17 song is a little too many times for my taste).🤷🏻‍♀️

    I agree that they seem to be having fun and I love it…here is the fan chant video to prove it. I don’t know what or who was making them crack up like that, but it was hilarious😂

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  4. Such a great song that I will be listening to over and over again. They really do sound like they’re genuinely having fun.

    Same rating as you. 8.5/10

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  5. Is this song full – English? It sure sounds like it. I love this song. It’s my favorite IKON song since Love Scenario


  6. I’ve never warmed up to Ikon – they’re on my list of groups somewhere down there just below SF19 . The song sounds fantastic, but I don’t find it compelling enough to investigate further.


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