Song Review: THE7 – Chemistry

THE7 - ChemistryI’m not sure Chemistry needs to be covered here since it’s not technically K-pop. But, the song is making the rounds on K-pop communities and THE7’s debut Get Loose was pretty fun. Chemistry continues the group’s buoyant pop sound, delivering good (if generic) vibes.

More than anything, Chemistry reminds me of a song you’d hear as part of a competition series like Produce 101. It’s boilerplate summertime fare  — solid but predictable. It’s polished with a corporate sheen and could have been performed by anyone. I’m biased toward this sound, but there’s nothing about Chemistry that captures me in the way similar efforts by acts like Golden Child or SHINee have.

Still, a bop is a bop. And, this is boppy enough.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


7 thoughts on “Song Review: THE7 – Chemistry

  1. Another bright theme one today just in time for summer!

    This song sounds more Seventeen than Seventeen themselves sound these days, with more vocal processing than should be in a song like this. (I mean, dear producers, seriously did you have to lean so heavily on the buttons, how the heck are these kids here supposed to sing along live.)

    That said, yeah rating is about right. Its is well done, if generic.

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  2. “Still, a bop is a bop. And, this is boppy enough” – I haven’t related to a sentence more! Another song that’s good enough even if it’s not great. Not sure how I feel about the pause/push/pull in the pre-chorus, ordinarily I would like something like that, but here it kind of feels very abrupt when I want the momentum to just build. But oh well.

    I haven’t heard anything about this group before, so when I saw the title my first reaction was to think about how we now have The7, The8, and 1the9 in kpop lol. Speaking of The8, I agree that this could have been an early Seventeen song (though – and maybe this is just my bias – the vocals/production would be more impactful throughout then).

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