Song Review: Aimers – Bubble

Aimers - BubbleWe’re nearing the summer months, when K-pop tends to get a bit brighter and more upbeat. I’m a longtime proponent of idol music that sounds and feels fun, and rookie group Aimers seem to be headed in that direction. None of their previous music has clicked with me, and new single Bubble doesn’t change that. But, with a few small tweaks this seems like I group I could invest in.

Bubble bops along on a great energy, from its bounding percussion to its effervescent vocals. It’s not too dissimilar from early Astro or NCT Dream. But, it’s missing the indelible hooks that would help it stand out. By the time we devolve into a repeated, monotone chant of “bubbling, bubbling bubble,” it becomes clear this is yet another shouty boy group track given a fresh coating of sugary production. It’s too bad, because there are some genuinely fun moments throughout.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Aimers – Bubble

  1. I was hearing early NCT Dream as well, Chewing gum era.

    The thing about these bright theme songs is that the kpop industry does need to refresh the supply, what is the new summer bright hit. Just like the new frozen drink, the new beach bop, the new beach toys. Sure, I can go fire up the Astro, the NCT Dream, but for this style it is all about the frisson of the new.

    I think they did an all around good job. Rating is about right, perhaps flat 8 for me, maybe low 8’s if it grows.


  2. Oh yes, this immediately invoked NCT Dream for me.
    This is pretty good in my opinion. I like it!

    The reference to Astro made me think of Baby, one of my all-time favourite kpop songs and music videos. I played that song to death every summer for a few years.


  3. I came across their song Fireworks randomly a while ago and thought I quite liked it! It’s not exactly a strong song, but it’s good enough to get by IMO, and so is this one (although I still like Fireworks much more). This one doesn’t really pique my interest enough yet, but it’s done a good job of making me want to keep an eye out for their future releases.

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  4. Honestly it’s alright but it doesn’t do much for me. Anyways, I’m curious if you’ve watched Peak Time (a survival show wherein this group participated in but unfortunately got eliminated in the first round) and if you plan on ranking all of the original songs since there are a lot of hidden bops to discover.


      • I have a feeling that you’ll like these songs in particular:
        – STEP BY STEP
        – TEXT ME (1052)
        – Thunder (Urr)
        – Doesn’t Matter
        – Coco Colada
        – Skyscraper
        – CRIMINAL
        – Chamomile
        – Fever
        – Prime Time
        – WAVE
        – NOIR

        My personal favorites are Circuit and Thunder

        I’m not gonna list down whose song is who since it’s more fun to discover who the groups are yourselves. There are a few familiar faces though 😉


        • I loved PeakTime but I only liked 3 songs:

          1)Like We’ve Never Been (Team 20)
          2)Doesn’t Matter (Team 7)
          3)Thunder(Urr) (BDC)

          I probably have boring music taste though🙃


  5. About this song, I like 80% of it. The second verse throws me off and actually makes me lose interest. By the time they come back with the good stuff I’m a little annoyed and struggle to get back into it.

    I still decided to add it to my playlist because I LOVED “Fighting Inside” and “Fireworks”, they seem talented enough, I want to hear more from them, plus they are from a small company! They need the support✌🏻


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