Song Review: Mijoo (Lovelyz) – Movie Star

Lee Mijoo (Lovelyz) - Movie StarEven before Lovelyz went on hiatus, Lee Mijoo began to develop a side career as a colorful variety star. She’s seemed ready for solo stardom for awhile, and that day has finally come with the release of Movie Star.

Movie Star plays things straighter than some might have expected, delivering a thumping electro track with stylish melodies and yearning vocals. The song doesn’t hang together as well as I would have liked, but some of its individual elements are strong. When the tempo gets going, Movie Star offers a peek at how exciting it could be. Its central beat drop is beyond cliché at this point, but the track grows from there.

Ultimately, Movie Star is sabotaged by how often it slows to a crawl. Its verses sacrifice too much momentum, and even when the pace remains brisk, the song flits here and there without a clear through line. This is more of a K-pop problem than a Mijoo problem, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Mijoo (Lovelyz) – Movie Star

  1. Hello

    This is a FYI reply to your recent email of ” The Bias List “. The ratings breakdown has not appeared in the ” ratings chart ” for a couple of weeks. Not knowing if this is intentional , an oversight or technical difficulties I just thought you might want to know.

    I have included an attached file for your reference.

    I hope this helps.


  2. It had many parts that promised to give something very exciting but held back too much, however I am happy with Mijoo’s charismatic delivery which is always her best point.


  3. At this point, that Kashmir sample is Kpop’s equivalent to “The Lick”. Every time I hear it I can’t help but laugh a little bit.


  4. To be honest, I’m surprised by how much of this song could actually pass as a Lovelyz song.

    The verses, second part of the chorus, and post-chorus are all pretty standard Lovelyz, just with slightly different instrumentation.

    The pre-chorus is the only thing that isn’t right. (And the lack of a BabySoul power note on “Let me stay here”)

    The B-side (I miss you) is basic Kpop ballad, with notes of the pop versions of 90s Disney ballads (Hello to Tarzan and Mulan). Nice classic key change at the end.

    Side note: Nick, why haven’t you reviewed any of Ryu Sujeong’s post-Lovelyz solo work? Yeah, it all sounds the same, but I’m surprised you haven’t done at least one of them.

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    • Ooh thanks to reminding me to check her album! I love her voice, and Pink Moon is such a pleasant song it made me came back several times.


  5. It’s me. I know, it’s me. If you like it, fine, have at it.

    Me, I just can’t. I mean, this to me is so bland, so lacking in any pizzazz or reason for being besides to release the next record. I watched a music show performance of it, and it was so canned, really why do they bother to wear the headset microphone when nothing is live on that stage. Sashay over here, stop pose, wave arms, pas de bourree, saunter over there stop pose wave arms, port de bras port de bras port de bras.
    Rant over.


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