Song Review: YOUNITE – Waterfall

YOUNITE - WaterfallAfter a super-strong pre-debut single, I’ve struggled to connect with anything else rookie group YOUNITE has released. Like so many current boy groups, their music so far feels like a lukewarm blend of tropes and trends without memorable songwriting to back it up.

New single Waterfall hearkens back to the lighter sound palette of their debut, but yet again fails to deliver strong melody or engaging production. It’s as if the entire track has been given a muted wash. Nothing pops. It’s relentlessly pleasant, but never engaging. The chorus is emblematic of this problem, offering very little to grab on to. Waterfall perks up a bit during its final moments, but this tempo change is too little, too late to make the impact it needs to.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

Grade: C-


2 thoughts on “Song Review: YOUNITE – Waterfall

  1. not really as boring as i expected. i could definitely do with a less airy, low-key performance, but its nice

    a straight up 8


  2. Serviceable.

    On the classical music channel fun fact this morning, we learned that Gustav Holst played the trombone at age 12, which is a fun fact because sonny boy also plays trombone and is also age 12. Then the radio station plays “Jupiter” and it is so clear that Gustav Holst came from brass, as “Jupiter” is bucu brass with enough punch from the strings and percussion to elevate the whole composition to awesome. Sonny boy declared he likes punchy music. He also declared that his middle school band should try “Jupiter”, which is a bit of a stretch but maybe someone somewhere has arranged it for the kids.

    Point is “punch”. Songs need punch. This is another boy band this season lacking in punch. It has moments, but not punch.


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