iKON – Dumb & Dumber


This is iKON’s sixth single in the space of four months. They’ve really been cranking them out under YG’s new promotional strategy of just blitzing the world with singles before eventually releasing an album. On the plus side, it’s allowed the group to show a lot of different sides to themselves. On the other hand, it’s been really difficult to distinguish a unique identity for themselves. So far, they’re pretty much Bigbang Junior, and Dumb & Dumber does little to change that. In the world of YG templates, this fits the Fantastic Baby/Bang Bang Bang mold, even ending with a climactic chant. This cut and paste sameness is a quibble I have with YG this year, but actually the song itself is quite good. Much of that is do to the beat, which is the best iKON’s had so far. The transition between the verses and bridge is a little overdrawn, but so far the track feels like it has a surprising amount of staying power. It also lets the guys have fun, which is something we sorely needed to see from this group.

 Hooks  9
 Production  9
 Longevity  8
 Bias  8
 RATING  8.5

5 thoughts on “iKON – Dumb & Dumber

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