Turbo – Again


I know enough about the history of kpop to understand how big of an influence Turbo had back in the early to mid nineties, and what a big deal it is for them to come back after such a long time. However, what I’ve heard from their 90’s output has been difficult to enjoy. Having not grown up with it myself, it seems pretty dated and very much an acquired taste (kind of like the Eiffel 65 of Korean music, but weirder). It’s a pleasant surprise, then, to find that their big comeback single is just modern enough to sit aside most other kpop today, but also a throwback in the very best way. I hate when older groups return with something hopelessly “mature” (ie: boring), and forget about the need to have a proper hook. It would have been especially bad to see a group like Turbo come back with a whimper. Luckily, Again has one hell of a hook. It’s all a bit frantic, with an unending high-tempo electronic beat and the group’s trademark high-pitch vocals, but the track has energy to spare. I suspect it’ll grow a bit tiring after awhile, but for now it’s a refreshing end-of-year sugar rush.

 Hooks  9
 Production  8
 Longevity  7
 Bias  8


4 thoughts on “Turbo – Again

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