The Top Ten Best Songs by 2PM

Top Ten Best Songs By 2PMJYP Entertainment’s 2PM was designed as the uptempo counterpart to the agency’s ballad-heavy 2AM. Their commercial peak was back around 2009-2011, though their music has continued to improve as they’ve gained a foothold in Japan and become senior idols to younger JYP counterparts GOT7. At times they’ve been known as much for their model-like, athletic image as their music, but they’ve also given us a surprisingly prolific discography full of highlights.

10. Hands Up (2011)

It’s one of the group’s most iconic songs, so I’m sure some will be surprised to find it so low on my list. As dated as it sounds now, it’s hard not to fall for that insistent chorus.

9. Beautiful (2012)

A straightforward dance-pop track that helped cement their incredible Japanese success. It may not be the most memorable in their catalog, but that unflagging beat goes a long way in helping it stand out.


8. Ultra Lover (2011)

2PM’s Japanese material has often taken on a bigger electronic sound than their Korean output, and the breakneck pace of Ultra Lover stands as an excellent example.


7. Guilty Love (2015)

Buoyed by a series of memorable hooks that compose its mighty chorus, this funk workout proved that the group hadn’t lost their sense of fun.


6. 10 Out Of 10 (2008)

A playful debut, riding on an addictive electro bounce and old-school hip-hop hook. A harbinger to the type of track labelmates GOT7 would later perfect.

5. I’ll Be Back (2010)

Matching a soaring, ballad-esque chorus with an irresistable electro bounce, I’ll Be Back stands as an early-career highlight for the group.

4. Take Off (2011)

Their debut Japanese single, Take Off builds from a skittering electronic arpeggio to a surging, full-bodied hook that remains one of their most propulsive moments.


3. Come Back When You Hear This Song (2013)

Part of a two-pronged return to the k-pop scene, Come Back found the group going full-on anthemic, with a club beat underlining the song’s soaring, singalong chorus.

2. Go Crazy! (2014)

The best party track in their arsenal. Go Crazy is as fun as the title suggests, taking an unbridled funk beat and sprinkling a potent mix of pop hooks and hip-hop swag over the top.

1. A.D.T.O.Y (2013)

The undisputed king of 2PM songs, A.D.T.O.Y pairs slow-jam r&b with symphonic strings and a stuttering beat. The track is one long series of builds and releases, pulsing forward with a compelling sense of pathos and a newfound emotional maturity that allowed the group to go deeper and more resonant.



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