The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by INFINITE

Top Ten Best Songs by InfiniteAs a companion to my Top Ten Singles lists, it’s time to look at some of the best album tracks and b-sides from the best artists. Of course Infinite had to come first. They have a discography large and amazing enough to fill several lists like this, but here are the best of the best.

Honorable Mentions:


For You

I Like You

10. In The Summer (from Infinitize – 2012)

The first of what would become a tradition of summer songs and concerts, In the Summer proved the guys could tackle laid back midtempos just as well as full-on dance tracks.

9. Shower (from Season 2/Be Back – 2014)

Proving that other producers could carry through on the trademark Sweetune sound, Shower gave the guys a dynamic synth-drenched dance track with one heck of a chorus.

8. Between Me & You (from Reality – 2015)

One of the group’s best ballads, with what’s arguably the best display of their vocals yet. Guitars give the chorus a rock crunch that augments their sound just enough to make the song stand out in a discography full of standouts.

7. Follow Me (from Season 2/Be Back – 2014)

A supremely underrated album track, Follow Me has a unique, ornately classical sound that contrasts spare verses with a lush, cinematic chorus. The moment towards the end where Hoya’s vocals filter out and give way to Woohyun’s climactic note is pure chill-inducing genius.

6. Inconvenient Truth (from New Challenge – 2013)

Plagued by problematic Korean lyrics, this is nonetheless one of the finest musical moments in Infinite’s career. Its synthetic drum syncopation gives it an 80’s tropical vibe, sounding nothing like anything they’ve ever recorded.

5. Shot (from Inspirit – 2011)

A full-throttle Sweetune production, with aggressive 80’s dance-pop tropes underlining a powerful performance from the guys. This is the Infinite sound at its peak, and could have easily served as a single.

4. Moonlight (from Reality – 2015)

Fizzy summertime pop at its best, Moonlight brings back the classic Infinite sound on an album that let the guys stretch their style. Though it’s not a Sweetune production, it gets all the hallmarks right, culminating in a multi-pronged chorus that feels like pop perfection.

3. As Good As It Gets (from New Challenge – 2013)

Pure jubilation in the form of a synthy pop truffle. It’s the kind of song Sweetune and Infinite do best, highlighted by a gorgeous bed of layered vocals that takes full advantage of the group’s impressive blend and extraordinary talent.

2. Going To You (from Destiny – 2013)

Building from a soft trot to a galvanizing anthem, Going To You features some gorgeous vocal arrangement and gives the guys a chance to show off an impassioned performance that gains strength as the song reaches its beautiful middle eight.

1. Cover Girl (from Over The Top/Paradise – 2011)

Of all their album tracks, Cover Girl feels the most like an actual single. Recorded at the height of their Sweetune-propelled power, it’s become a concert staple and one of their most upbeat tracks. The tropical synths, coupled with the addictive rhythmic post-chorus adlibs, give the song undeniable appeal. And that’s even before we get to Sungkyu’s go-for-broke power note that heralds the layered euphoria of the final chorus.



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