Song Review: Spica – Secret Time

Spica - Secret TimeGirl group Spica has been absent from the k-pop scene for two years, causing them to have a lot of rebuilding and rebranding to do. The world of k-pop moves quickly, and unless you’re an a-list super group, it’s not particularly easy to come back after such a long time away. Making things even more difficult, they’ve given us a stellar back catalog of material that only heightens expectations for Secret Time.

Though Secret Time is by no means a disappointment, it does feel less memorable than what we’re used to hearing from the girls. The track has a straightforward dance beat, which deftly blends elements of electro, r&b and funk. Spica’s always been a strong vocal group, and the performance here is a commanding one, delivered with a soulful nuance that skips right past “cute” in favor of a more mature aura. Despite this, the verses lack a memorable or distinct melody, playing it safe rather than grabbing the bull by the horns and heralding their powerful return.

The track’s chorus is its strongest aspect, framed by a retro arrangement that layers their vocals in a processed disco sheen. This hearkens back to their work with Sweetune, who produced a couple of their earlier tracks. In fact, even when the song itself comes up a bit short, the incredible vocal work and arrangement ensures that things never get boring. It may not be the big single the girls needed to remind the industry who they are, but it feels like a good stepping stone towards regaining their mojo.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.25

4 thoughts on “Song Review: Spica – Secret Time

  1. I’m just so happy they’re finally back after all this time. Was starting to think the song would come out in 2017, they’ve been on hiatus for so long…


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