The Top Ten Best Songs by SPICA

Top Ten Best Songs By SPICAWith the release of last month’s Secret Time, Spica has just enough singles for a Top Ten Countdown. The group came hard during their debut year, releasing no less than five comebacks in 2012. Their sound has evolved throughout their career, but always with a focus on strong vocals and a catchy hook. An unfortunate two year hiatus has dulled much of their popularity, making them a vastly underrated group who deserve more attention than they get. Here is their strong singles run, ranked from bottom to top.

10. Painkiller (2012)

The group’s darkest single, though its powerful beat and plaintive stutter of vocals gives it a dramatic appeal.

9. You Don’t Love Me (2014)

Pulling back for a brass-driven piece of throwback r&b, the girls sacrificed some of their power for a fun — if melodically lightweight — comeback.

8. Doggedly (2012)

A soulful, midtempo debut for the girls that succeeds primarily because of its driving, cathartic chorus. Even so, much better things were to come.

7. Secret Time (2016)

Coming back after two years, there was a lot riding on the quality of this track. While the disco-kissed Secret Time doesn’t match their best work, it’s still a commanding reminder of their place in the k-pop world. (full review)

6. Ghost (2014)

Pairing with Sweetune for the last time, Ghost is a surprisingly potent, soft-rock ballad that showcased a different side to Spica.

5. Lonely (2012)

Sweetune imbues the girls’ sexy sound with their trademark synth work. Add some surf guitar and a gorgeous bed of layered vocals and you have one of the group’s best-loved tracks.

4. I Did It (2014)

Attempting to break the U.S. market with this English-language debut, the group was ultimately unsuccessful. But, the ridiculously catchy I Did It remains the best original American release by a k-pop act.

3. Russian Roulette (2012)

Working with Sweetune for the first time, Russian Roulette is all slinky electronics, thundering drums and whispers of strings. It’s the song that really established the group as something special.

2. I’ll Be There (2012)

Bursting out of the gate with a sunny pop vibe, I’ll Be There wrote a new page in Spica’s book. It’s one of the catchiest tracks in their arsenal, riding on a propulsive, singalong hook and throwback, synthesized dance beat.

1. Tonight (2013)

Pushing I’ll Be There’s straight-up pop sound even further, Tonight stands as the group’s most anthemic moment — and their most successful track. The song effortlessly combines the girls’ big vocals with a melody that’s in constant climb. It’s simply a gargantuan pop song, performed with a go-for-broke intensity.



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