Song Review: Huh Gak & Plan A Boys – #Begin Again

Huh Gak & Plan A Boys - Begin AgainIt’s not uncommon for an agency to use one of its established stars to introduce a new rookie group, and that’s exactly what Plan A (formerly A Cube) are doing with their “Plan A Boys.” Pairing with solo singer Huh Gak, the boys are given a slight head-scratcher of an introduction in the form of #Begin Again, which sounds a little too old (and a little too acoustic) for what I assume will end up being a more typical pop group.

I also assume (and hope) that Plan A Boys will be getting a new name soon, as their current moniker is all sorts of awkward. Even more awkward is Huh Gak’s presence in this music video — like a tragically dressed uncle hanging out and “bein’ cool” with a bunch of kids. He’s also brought his musical style to the track, saddling the guys with a song that has absolutely no edge whatsoever. In America, this genre would be easily classified as adult contemporary. In other words, it’s quite pretty and competently performed, but also the very definition of milquetoast. I suppose the song’s laidback nature showcases the guys’ vocals well — and it does have some great rap breaks that add necessary life to the structure — but it doesn’t give any indication of what this band is supposed to be.

As Plan A’s very first boy group, and successors to the tremendously successful Apink, I’m expecting more from these guys. I get that this is a pre-release and that we shouldn’t expect the full budget and bombast of a proper debut, but I can’t say that #Begin Again raises my interest for their future music. Then again, a lackluster introduction can sometimes result in an amazing follow-up, so I wait to be proven wrong about these rookies.

 Hooks  6
 Production  5
 Longevity 6
 Bias  6
 RATING  5.75


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