Song Review: Brave Girls – Yoo Hoo

Brave Girls - Yoo HooJust over a month after their excellent High Heels comeback, Brave Girls has surprised us with Yoo Hoo (유후 (우린 아직 여름)), a very summery track released just as we’re moving closer to fall. It’s odd timing, and relegates Yoo Hoo to feeling like a bit of an afterthought.

Part of that is due to the song itself, which has a melody so ephemeral that it practically evaporates as you’re listening to it. Like most of the girls’ material, this is a Brave Brothers production, and his trademark musical sentiments are definitely kept intact. While it’s always a treat to hear something new from him, Yoo Hoo takes everything we love about his compositions and forgets to tether them to an actual song. There isn’t a whole lot of build to the melody, and its various pieces flow so well together that they kind of blend into one. In fact, the track feels more like a series of ad libs and supporting vocals, wafting over a breezy instrumental that begs for a unique hook that would differentiate it from the pack. It’s actually kind of frustrating, because all the elements are here, but they never connect to form a memorable single.

That said, Yoo Hoo does have its appeal. It simply screams “lazing by the pool on a summer afternoon.” It’s so committed to its sense of effortless cool that it’s hard not to at least enjoy the track while it’s playing. As background music, it does well painting a specific vibe. The problem is, it’s missing that extra something that would inspire repeat listens.

 Hooks  7
 Production  7
 Longevity 6
 Bias  7
 RATING  6.75

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