The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by BLOCK B

Top Ten Best Songs By Block BAs a companion to my Top Ten Singles lists, it’s time to look at some of the best album tracks and b-sides from the best artists. Though Block B haven’t released as many b-sides as most of their contemporaries, for them it’s a matter of quality over quantity. Here are ten of their best.

Honorable Mentions:

Round & Round (B-Bomb + U-Kwon)
Where Are You (Taeil solo)

10. Nice Day (from Very Good – 2013)

Bringing a palpable sense of funk with its loose drum lines and brass section, Nice Day countered the harder-edged sound of its title track with an unabashed sense of joy.

9. Wanna B (from New Kids On The Block – 2011)

With its insistent electro crunch, Wanna B stands as a highlight of the group’s early sound. Not particularly inventive, but a whole lot of fun.

8. Action (from Welcome To The Block – 2012)

Released in both an original and remixed version, Action throws back to a retro hip-hop style. Its bright synths and break beat cast the group in full party mode.

7. It Was Love (Taeil Solo) (from Blooming Period – 2016)

Originally recorded by f(x)’s Luna, Taeil’s version of the plaintive ballad deftly mixes a sense of the delicate and the soaring. His incredible falsetto adds layers to an already gorgeous song.

6. Walkin’ In The Rain (from Blooming Period – 2016)

Composed by member Park Kyung, Walkin’ In The Rain showed a newly mature, midtempo side to the guys’ sound with its easy shuffle and lilting melody.

5. Halo (from New Kids On The Block – 2011)

As part of their debut mini album, Halo offset some of the group’s poppier tracks with a bass-heavy hip-hop assault. Its early 2000’s sound holds just enough nostalgia to be a fun ride.

4. Secret Door (from Secret Door OST – 2014)

Secret Door’s adrenaline-fueled hip-hop and electric guitar attack forgoes the ballad stereotype that defines most OSTs. It’s stronger than many of the tracks on their actual albums.

3. Unordinary Girl (from H.E.R – 2014)
The entire H.E.R mini album moved the group towards a more funk-oriented sound, and Unordinary Girl kicked it off with a throwback soul melody and charisma to spare.

2. Movie’s Over (from Blockbuster – 2012)

One of the most effective ballads the group has recorded, marrying their unique blend of vocals and rap with a surging, anthemic melody.

1. Mental Breaker (from Blockbuster – 2012)

Right up with their very best title tracks, Mental Breaker is the blockbuster single that never was. It’s the most euphoric-sounding song in their catalog, with an immense, pure pop influence that never feels cheesy or generic. The explosions of backing vocals that herald the chorus are absolute bliss.



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