The Top Ten Best Songs by BLOCK B

Top Ten Best Songs By Block BDespite only releasing ten group singles, Block B has risen to incredible fame in Korea. They’re really unlike any other idol groups, with a sense of individual style and idiosyncratic concepts. In the past, I’ve likened their music to a carnival. It’s bright and in-your-face, but underneath lies a grittier, rambunctious edge. They’re also a remarkably consistent group, making the top three songs in this list particularly difficult to rank.

10. Jackpot (2014)

The vaudevillian, circus-esque hook acts as a pillar to a track that consistently shifts in sound, tempo and character. Depending on how you listen, it’s either hopelessly messy or completely brilliant.

9. A Few Years Later (2016)

A delicate, neo-soul offering that reinvented the group as mature, melodic crooners. Its brittle chorus packs surprising heft. (Full review here)

8. Tell Them (2011)

Block B was never able to fit very convincingly within the traditional boy band mold, but their early material, including this sunny, pop-influenced single, remains upbeat guilty pleasure fun.

7. Toy (2016)

An off-kilter, midtempo pop track highlighted by an expressive chorus and unique instrumental flourishes. (Full review here)

6. NalinA (2012)

The group’s first breakthrough, and still the purest hip-hop single in their catalog. Its simple, sing-songy refrain gave Block B the oomph they needed to stand apart from their peers, and remains just as addictive today.

5. Freeze (2011)

A debut that failed to differentiate them much from other like-minded boy groups, but succeeded as a supremely catchy dance track. Its bouncy beat and earworm hooks offered a glimpse into what the group would soon become.

4. Very Good (2013)

The heaviest single in their discography, with an abrasive hook that shares as much with punk rock as it does kpop. It’s the best use the group has ever found for maknae P.O.’s rough, commanding vocals.

3. Nillili Mambo (2012)

With a thundering beat and symphonic samples, Nillili Mambo blasts out of the gate with unbridled energy. From the creative flow of the hip-hop verses to that explosion of a chorus, it’s a total party starter.

2. Be The Light (2013)

The first time the guys showed us a softer, more emotive side. To call this the greatest Bigbang song that Bigbang never wrote would be accurate, though a bit of a disservice to the beautiful performance that Block B brings to the track. The anthemic chorus is still their absolute best.

1. H.E.R (2014)

A boisterous, big-energy cocktail of everything that makes Block B such a fun and interesting group. The song punches strong from the get-go, hammering forward with that raucous, chorused hook before showcasing the group’s most endearing, iconic comedy routine of a point dance. Constantly keeping the listener off balance, H.E.R bounces from one curveball to another, anchored by the addictive force of is central refrain.


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