Song Review: Double S 301 (SS301) – Remove

double-s-301-removeAfter hitting us with two uptempo Korean comebacks, sub-unit Double S 301 returns yet again with a softer sound suited to the winter months. New single Remove is notable for the fact that it was co-composed by member Heo Young-Saeng, who has previously done some excellent work on his own with producers Sweetune.

As a song, Remove doesn’t draw nearly as much attention to itself as either of the group’s other 2016 releases. Instead, it paints a mature, languorous atmosphere. The understated melody is a pleasant one, but never peaks to any moments that might grab listeners’ attention. This isn’t necessarily a complaint, as I don’t think the song is trying to shock and awe over its big centerpieces. Instead, each element works in tandem to craft a wistful vibe that feels mysterious and well-balanced. It’s a nice showcase for the guys’ smooth vocals, and matches well with a veteran group of their stature.

Of course, this being The Bias List, longtime readers will know that Remove‘s refined, easygoing sound isn’t exactly what I long for in a pop song. As a title track, the melody suffers by being a bit underwhelming. It finds that sweet spot somewhere between ballad and mid-tempo, but lacks the drama of the former and the rhythm of the latter. In its place is a haunting quality, as if the song itself evaporates into smoke as it plays. This adds up to an interesting, effective vibe, but also makes it difficult to find anything worth sinking your teeth into.

 Hooks  7
 Production  6
 Longevity 6
 Bias  6
 RATING  6.25


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