The Top Ten Best Songs by BIGBANG SOLOS & SUB-UNITS

top-ten-best-songs-by-bigbang-solos-sub-unitsBigbang has mastered the art of sub-units and solos, scoring enormous hits even when its members aren’t together as a group. Given that I have already counted down solo tracks from G-Dragon and Taeyang, those songs are ineligible for this list. Luckily, there are more than enough singles left over for a strong top ten.

10. Daesung (D-Lite) – Look At Me, Gwisun (2014)

Different than any other track released by the group or its members, this modern interpretation of the traditional trot genre proved that Bigbang-related material didn’t always have to take itself seriously.

9. GD & TOP – Baby Good Night (2011)

The slinkiest entry in the GD & TOP discography, Baby Good Night sees the two crooning over a gentle, bluesy guitar riff.

8. Seungri – Strong Baby (ft. G-Dragon) (2009)

Getting an assist from GD, Seungri kicked off his solo career with the elastic electro-dance of Strong Baby, proving that he could deliver memorable hits of his own.

7. GD & TOP – Knock Out (2011)

A spare, off-kilter hip-hop track that highlights the more experimental and playful side of the duo. It’s one of GD & TOP’s most assuredly cool moments.

6. TOP – Turn It Up (2010)

TOP has always delivered the most straight-up hip-hop material of Bigbang’s members, and Turn It Up gives him an addictive, futuristic stomp to work with.

5. Seungri – What Can I Do (2011)

Though What Can I Do’s autotune-heavy production is very much of an era, there’s no denying the strength of its swirling verses and surging chorus.

4. GD & TOP – High High (2010)

Showcasing the immense charisma of its performers over a brash electro beat, High High remains the definitive GD & TOP single, if not (quite) the best.

3. Daesung (D-Lite) – Shut Up (2014)

Daesung excels at big ballads, but Shut Up gives him a driving, anthemic rock instrumental to push things even further over the top. Its punchy, emotive hook is completely irresistible.

2. Seungri – Gotta Talk To U (2013)

A swirling fantasia of dance beats and breathy vocals, Gotta Talk To U recasts Seungri in a more mature, club-ready light, delivering an understated but killer hook.

1. GD & TOP – Don’t Go Home (2011)

Bigbang doesn’t often go full-on pop, but Don’t Go Home’s bright hooks and disco-funk instrumental proved that the guys can conquer any genre they choose to tackle. G-Dragon’s melodic hook may be the track’s most memorable moment, but the real fun is in the interplay between the two members.


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