Song Review: BIGBANG – Fxxk It

bigbang-fxxk-itOriginally scheduled for release in September of 2015, Bigbang‘s full Made album is finally here — though with only three new songs it feels more like a repackage than a full comeback. Even so, it marks the last we’ll hear from the group as a whole for quite some time, as members begin their mandatory military enlistment. Of the two title tracks released, Fxxk It (에라 모르겠다) is the feel-good offering, showcasing Bigbang at their most playful.

If I were to compare the song to the singles released last year, Fxxk It feels like the more mainstream version of their experimental Bae Bae, mixed with the accessible hookiness of We Like 2 Party. The off-kilter electronics that support the mid-tempo hip-hop beat share Bae Bae‘s same, vaguely psychedelic appeal, mixed with hints of the ever-popular tropical house trend. Opening with a melodic verse from Taeyang, the track quickly transitions into its more traditional hip-hop template. As Bigbang songs go, it feels a bit on the throwaway side, though this gets turned around as Fxxk It builds towards its climax. As the instrumental grows more dense and the beat more prominent, the track takes on a new life. After the half way point, Fxxk It has developed far more energy than it started with, playing around with the rhythm and amping up its chanted hook.

The chorus itself seems pretty flimsy at first, but Bigbang have a way of delivering these simple, fist-in-the-air refrains that makes them seem bigger than they are. The pre-chorus’s build allows for a strong entry into the central hook, back-dropped by a wall of vocals before the beat crashes in. And from the bridge onward Fxxk It is pure magic, layering each of the song’s elements on top of each other for a packed, commanding climax that sends the track off on a high note.

 Hooks  8
 Production  9
 Longevity 9
 Bias  9
 RATING  8.75


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