Song Review: Melody Day – Kiss On The Lips

melody-day-kiss-on-the-lipsMelody Day have dabbled in a variety of genres since their debut in 2014, most recently with the jazzy r&b of last year’s Color. That track had a surprisingly sneaky earworm of a hook that served it well in the long run, so I was curious what they would come up with next. When first taking a look at new single Kiss On The Lips, I was shocked to see that it has seven credited co-writers. That’s not a knock on the song itself, but I’m always astounded when a simple pop track requires a veritable army of composers. I mean, as enjoyable as Kiss is, it’s certainly no complex orchestral suite!

What’s even funnier is that it took seven cooks to create what essentially feels like a classic Brave Brothers mid-tempo. Kiss On The Lips glides on a pop-reggae groove, positioning it well for the summer months despite being released in February. From the start, the breezy instrumental casts a relaxing vibe, its soft shuffle reliably steering the girls’ performance without overshadowing them. Rather than the chirpy, syncopated attitude the girls gave us with Color, Kiss‘s verses are a series of coos and breathy ad-libs that blend together to hypnotic effect.

In contrast, the song’s chorus is a straight shot of catchy pop magic. Its sugary, oft-repeated refrain is the kind of hook that ingratiates itself immediately. There’s no need to give it time to grow or crack it open to see what extra surprises lie within. That “ding ah ling ah ling” is just out there for the taking (interpret that as you will). Choruses this repetitive don’t always age well, but Melody Day smartly augment the rhythm with a contrasting post-chorus hook. This, along with the touches of icy synth and swirling background vocals, may just give the song a longer life than expected.

 Hooks  9
 Production  8
 Longevity 8
 Bias  8
 RATING  8.25

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