Song Review: Melody Day – Color

Melody Day - ColorFour-member girl group Melody Day have returned after last year’s surprisingly solid Speed Up and switched the sound up a bit with Color (깔로). They’re a group searching for their defining moment in order to stand out against the incredibly stiff competition. I’m not sure Color will do much to skyrocket their careers, but it’s a pleasant enough track on its own.

The girls have grabbed on to the trend of using brass samples as a skeleton for their song, but Color‘s is more interesting than most. Rather than go big and bold, the horns are muted and incredibly old-fashioned sounding. They never become prominent enough in the mix to wear out their welcome, choosing instead to imbue the track with an improvisational, almost Vaudevillian jazz vibe. On top of this, the girls croon an easy melody that never strays far in any particular direction. Like its production, Color is a song that invites you to lean in rather than blasting you out of your seat with intense refrains.

The first time I heard the track, I viewed this as a weakness. The hook seemed to lack impact, floating along without leaving anything in its wake. But as I’ve given Color more attention, I’m impressed by how strongly those subtle hooks stick. It’s not the kind of song I’d rush to play at any moment, but it certainly has its unique charms. Now if the girls would just settle on a sound that’s all their own, they could become a vital part of k-pop.

 Hooks  7
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  7
 RATING  7.25

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