K-Pop Producer Spotlight: MonoTree

If there’s anything I’ve learned from covering pop music for over a decade, it’s that songwriters and collaborators are just as important as the artists themselves. Though they often work behind the scenes, this feature is a chance to shine the light on some of k-pop’s most innovative and accomplished producers and composers.


Years active: 2014-present (under the name MonoTree)

Associated Acts: Stellar, LOONA, Infinite, Super Junior, TVXQ, f(x)

Their sound: Takes cues from Sweetune‘s synth-heavy, 80’s-flavored dance pop but brings in a smoother r&b influence. Often groove-driven, with a general preference towards a slower, more chill tempo.

Why you should love them: MonoTree was created by former members of Sweetune, so the two production teams have quite a bit in common. But while MonoTree can crank out a propulsive dance track with the best of them, their material is more-often utilized as subdued b-sides. They haven’t produced all that many major hits, but their sound is incredibly easy to bop along to — and they’ve given girl group Stellar the biggest, best moment of their career.

Examples of their best work:


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